Colomba and other special shapes for delicious cakes!

Colomba and other special shapes for delicious cakes! 900 600 Ecopack

It is not only the Panettone that brings families together and brings a smile to the table: the Easter Colomba is an excellent example of cake adored by the whole family, standing out for its special shape.


It is not only the classic round, square, or plum cake shapes that make the table shine: the oddest shapes may do the same, and not only on holidays!


Easter Colomba baking mold

Like every year, Easter is approaching, and there will be a star actor on the tables of all Italians: the Colomba.


The cake has an unusual shape, not exactly regular or geometric, but this is what makes it unique!

With Ecopack, you may choose between four formats of free-standing baking molds, depending on your production requirements.


Stand out at first sight

You already know your cakes are special.

Then why not let the world know by giving them a unique shape?

Ecopack offers a myriad of customization opportunities: you may print your company logo on the molds, and choose the solution that most suits to you among the different sizes available. Give a shape to your creativity!


Thinking outside the box has never been so easy: choose the shape you prefer for your cake, along with the size of your logo to decorate the paper baking mold, and create your singular treat.


Special shapes, same quality

Even our special shape molds, just like all the others in the Ecopack range, are produced with high-precision automatic machines.

This processing technique allows us to achieve minimum size tolerance and use the baking molds with automatic denesting machines.


The vertical band is made of greaseproof, non-stick, food-contact corrugated paper, while the base is made of non-stick, food-contact, microperforated corrugated paper.

The printing ink we use is resistant to high temperatures and to the preservatives used in food.


Moreover, the special molds are free-standing: this means that the cakes may be baked inside them without the use of a metal baking tray.


Like always, our products are designed to be fully eco-friendly and are made of recyclable materials.

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