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Since 1939, Ecopack has been producing and marketing paper containers and baking moulds worldwide and has always been on the cutting edge of research for ecological and fully biodegradable alternatives to plastic.

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Ecopack’s product range includes over 800 items, available in various sizes, colours and finishes, even in customised versions.

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Customer care, technological development and sustainability have always been our hallmark values.
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Our client is at the center of the Group’s philosophy: this is why our professionals create knowledge and stability in the relationship.
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Ecopack works in close collaboration with customers, partners and research institutes such as the University of Turin, developing sustainable solutions for food packaging.
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Ecopack supports a project dedicated to young sportsmen and to those who want to experience sport believing in its values.
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Savoury Line:

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The Savoury line is the result of our constant research for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, a line of products designed for savoury foods which uses only renewable and biodegradable raw materials.


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Ecopack is on Treedom with a new forest 900 600 Ecopack

Ecopack is on Treedom with a new forest

At Ecopack we support our clients by giving them the perfect paper packaging, and we work to reduce our carbon footprint contributing to a sustainable future.
This year, to stay true to our mission, we joined Treedom to create our forest “Green Thoughts”, to protect the environment, to help local communities, and to contribute to a safer, cleaner world.

To wish our clients Happy Holidays, we gifted them a tree from our forest in Kenya. They will be able to watch them grow, live, absorb CO2 transform it in cleaner air for all of us, helping local communities; they will receive updates throughout their whole life and someone will be caring for their tree, forever.

Our forest will thrive and grow, and so will the benefit it brings to our world.

Best wishes for Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!

Ecopack, CEOs decided to share part of results with all the employees 900 600 Ecopack

Ecopack, CEOs decided to share part of results with all the employees

The last two years represented a difficult moment, for every company.
However, at Ecopack we worked as a team and we achieved great results!

The wellbeing and recognition of co-workers’ commitment by the company is a fundamental ingredient for a positive organizational performance: with this philosophy, Ecopack decided to reward the incredible effort employees demonstrated.
The CEOs, Annalisa and Francesco Ferri, decided to share part of Ecopack’s 2021 result – about 7% of Ebit – with all the employees worldwide.

To thank them for their daily effort and commitment, allowing the company to thrive: it has been a long, difficult road, but the results have been incredible, because of the personnel’s endeavor.

Sending a warm thank you to our team


Ricetta tartiflette Ecopack
Tartiflette in Paper Pan Molds 900 600 Ecopack

Tartiflette in Paper Pan Molds

A tasty and popular recipe, prepared with the support of the Ecopack Paper Pan range.

Find out how to welcome the fall with the seasonal scents and tastes of this scrumptious dish!

It’s easy to prepare: watch the video to find out the secret ingredient!


Paper Pan

Paper Pan is a complete Ecopack line including three practical and eco-friendly formats.

The Paper Pan tray is a perfect alternative to many other, more expensive, and less sustainable materials.

The Paper Pan tray guarantees extraordinary performance in the kitchen: it is fully resistant to liquids and grease, and is oven-, microwave-, and freezer-safe!

Thanks to its special rPET recyclable lid, the Paper Pan tray is also perfect for take-away and delivery.


Tartiflette recipe

  • Olive oil (to taste)
  • 1 Onion
  • 30 ml (1.1 fl. oz) White wine
  • 140 g (4.9 oz) Bacon
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Black pepper (to taste)
  • 200 ml (7 fl. oz) Panna
  • 300 g (10.6 g) Reblochon
  • 800 g (28.2 g) Boiled potatoes

… and of course the Paper Pan tray, the right ingredient to make your Tartiflette even better for the environment!

Explore the Paper Pan line for all your recipes!


Watch the video and find out how to prepare an impeccable Tartiflette in only a few minutes!

Call4Circular Packaging: join us and create innovative packaging! 900 600 Ecopack

Call4Circular Packaging: join us and create innovative packaging!

#Call4Circular Packaging – The value of vegetable fibers, a circular open innovation project developed by Circular Economy Lab, has begun. It aims to identify vegetable fibers that can become innovative materials to replace plastic packaging and containers in the food sector.


Ecopack has always been at the forefront of research behind innovative materials to develop its products.
Nowadays, replacing plastic packaging and containers in the food sector through the use of alternative materials is not only a choice, but an obligation, if we hope to safeguard the environment.

To do this, Ecopack has decided to join forces with the Circular Economy Lab, which has launched the Call4Circular Packaging – The value of vegetable fibers initiative. It is a circular open innovation project aiming to identify vegetable fibers that can become innovative materials to replace plastic packaging and containers in the food sector.

Call4Circular Packaging – The value of vegetable fibers is directed to researchers, startups, and innovative SMEs, and is an opportunity to contribute to the transformation of plastic packaging for the food industry sector through support and supply to leading companies on the international stage.

The innovative entities considered most in line with the research will be analyzed, assessed, and selected by a workgroup of Ecopack and Circular Economy Lab experts. In case of interest by Ecopack, they will have the chance to continue an innovation path through a technical-commercial partnership.

How to apply?

To apply to the call, fill out the form available at this link by October 17, 2021.Do you have an idea to present? Join us to contribute to the transformation of the plastic packaging sector!

Less plastic, more choice! 900 600 Ecopack

Less plastic, more choice!

12 of September is International Plastic Bags Free Day. The right day to make other important sustainable choices in your company

International Plastic Bags Free Day is an important date. Because it reminds us of the value of small gestures and big new habits that we can adopt to make the Planet more livable every day.

A day without plastic bags is a step forward in the long journey that each of us, as an individual first and then as a community, must make towards a real green shift, made up of daily choices that impact less on the environment.


After the plastic bags, then, why not continue your green journey by reducing the use of plastic in your company? For example, giving up the old and obsolete plastic containers and switching to food containers and baking molds made of paper.

Each company can confidently contact Ecopack and submit their idea and needs. The specialized Ecopack team will always provide the most suitable solution after a careful analysis of the requests and will create products with a lower environmental impact, even tailor-made.

In addition, in the Ecopack world there are many ready-made, sustainable solutions of all shapes and sizes: every day take a step forward on your path towards a cleaner world.


Are you also looking for an eco-friendly and more sustainable product? Contact us!

paper is the solution
It’s time for a change! 900 600 Ecopack

It’s time for a change!

If you think the transition from aluminum and single-use plastic to paper is complicated and lengthy, get ready to think again, as you discover the world and efficiency of Ecopack!

Aluminum and disposable plastic are tarnishing our oceans and green areas.

Starting in 2021, the European Union SUP Directive bans the use of single-use plastic for all products where a more sustainable alternative is available: cutlery, cups, but even trays and containers.

Of course, all companies are well-aware of how important it is to drop single-use containers – especially in a sector with use and consumption as high as the food sector – and promote the transition to more innovative and sustainable materials.

Not all of you may know that this changeover is by all means natural, simple, fast, and advantageous! No complications, no slower production for your company.

For example, Ecopack’s unbeatable Paper Pan is a special recyclable paper tray offered as an alternative to plastic and aluminum. It is perfect for both hot and cold food, and is greaseproof, heat-sealable, and even resistant to liquids.


Customized solutions: from plastic to paper in 15 days!

If you’re looking for specific and customized solutions, send your design or your requirements to Ecopack: our customer care team is ready to welcome all of your requests, and our R&D department will get to work immediately to offer you a paper solution in only 15 days.

The future cannot wait: get in touch with Ecopack and choose an efficient, convenient, and sustainable alternative!

Send us your idea: we will provide our solution within 15 days!


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