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Since 1939, Ecopack has been producing and marketing paper containers and baking moulds worldwide and has always been on the cutting edge of research for ecological and fully biodegradable alternatives to plastic.

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Ecopack’s product range includes over 800 items, available in various sizes, colours and finishes, even in customised versions.

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Customer care, technological development and sustainability have always been our hallmark values.
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Our client is at the center of the Group’s philosophy: this is why our professionals create knowledge and stability in the relationship.
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Ecopack works in close collaboration with customers, partners and research institutes such as the University of Turin, developing sustainable solutions for food packaging.
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Ecopack supports a project dedicated to young sportsmen and to those who want to experience sport believing in its values.
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Savoury Line:

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The Savoury line is the result of our constant research for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, a line of products designed for savoury foods which uses only renewable and biodegradable raw materials.


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PIE: the line dedicated to cakes 900 600 Ecopack

PIE: the line dedicated to cakes

All our PIE mould formats to make your confectionery recipes unique.


When you feel creative in the kitchen, we’ve got you covered! Ecopack has created the PIE line, a product range entirely dedicated to cakes, which includes 19 different mould formats. From 40 to 270 cm in diameter, our range can give shape to all your confectionery recipes.

The product line includes two different sub-categories: light paper and PET cardboard. The colours available are white, for smaller baking cups, gold, brown and the typical black colour for the PET cardboard line. Thanks to the variety of diameters and depths of our moulds, it will be easy to keep the characteristics of your confectionery product unchanged.

Besides the wide array of choices available, our unique product range is also equipped with an oleophobic coating. Our food paper is grease-proof and non-stick, while specific micro-perforation is available on request.

Ecopack’s PIE mould range is made using high-precision automatic lines which significantly reduce variance, making the moulds suitable for use with automatic unstacking machines.

The PIE product line, like all Ecopack lines, can be customised with your company’s logo and text. Our food-grade ink is super resistant to high temperatures which ensures that the graphic design on the moulds will be preserved in any circumstance.

The moulds of the PIE line can be used in the oven and are certified to resist up to 220 °C (430 °F); they can also be frozen. They are made with recyclable paper and are self-supporting, so they do not require a metal baking pan. Now we can only wish you good work!

Discover our PIE line in the dedicated section of our website.
Discover also the Cocoa Paper line, made entirely with bio-based materials.

Certified quality 900 600 Ecopack

Certified quality

All the certifications and quality standards obtained by our products.


Research and innovation are Ecopack’s core values: it is essential for us to always find new solutions to provide our customers with the best products on the market. This goal is made possible also thanks to our certifications: Ecopack’s quality certificates guarantee the conformity of our products, ranging from sweet to savoury.

For us, a certified product is not only an improved product in terms of quality but also a solution that fully meets customer needs, as can be expected from a food production company. This is why we strive to satisfy a big variety of needs, including cultural and functional ones, certifying our commitment with a wide range of certifications.

Below is the complete list.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

It is the certification issued by Bureau Veritas Italia which guarantees that our company’s Quality Management System (QMS) complies with the requirements of the relative ISO 9001:2015 standard.

FSC® multi-site certification (FSC-C129853)

It is the certification issued by Bureau Veritas Italia which guarantees that our company has implemented a control system on FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) product groups and meets the requirements of the FSC® Chain of Custody and CoC Certification of Multiple Site Standards.

Kosher and Kosher for Passover certifications

These certifications ensure compliance with Kosher food standards, including those of the Jewish Passover period (Kosher for Passover).

BRC certification

It is the certification issued by Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS for the BRC Global standard for Packaging and Packaging materials.

Environmental management system certification
ATICELCA 501 UNI 11743:2019, UNI EN 13430 Certification

This certification ensures compliance with the regulations on recycling mainly cellulosic materials and products. The ATICELCA method helps to determine their level of recyclability for the production of new paper and cardboard.

OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification, UNI EN 13432

This certification ensures compliance with the standard for recovery through biodegradation and industrial composting of mainly organic materials and products.

All our certifications can be viewed on our website, in the dedicated section.

Ecopack to sponsor a solidarity cause 900 600 Ecopack

Ecopack to sponsor a solidarity cause

Ecopack is proud to sponsor a praiseworthy initiative organised by Colombatto Hotel School to offer free meals to people experiencing economic disadvantage, in support of sustainability, the circular economy and the fight against food waste.


At the forefront of solidarity

Unfortunately, we live in a world beset by social disparities, which have undoubtedly increased in this particular period. Many people experience serious hardships, struggling to provide a hot and nutritious meal for their families.

In order to make this winter less cold even for the less fortunate, Ecopack has decided to step in as a sponsor of the soup kitchen project organised by the hotel school which helps the hungry, by providing free food containers and lids for delivering the meals prepared by the students of the school.
In this way, we ensure that meals will arrive hot at their destination.

This initiative fits perfectly with the values of our company: environment protection, recycling, waste reduction and solidarity. This is why we immediately embraced it and supported it the best we can. Given our commitment to social responsibility and sustainable packaging, we could not but join this solidarity cause to help the less fortunate while fighting food waste.

Besides offering substantial help to the most needy, the initiative intends to raise awareness among young people on issues such as social solidarity, sustainability and waste reduction.

Also other associations are involved in the project, such as the Alpine Volunteers Association of Civil Defence for transport, the CAAT and the Turin Food Solidarity Association, which will collect unsold fruit and vegetables at the Agri-food Centre.

Paper and bamboo: sustainability is served 900 600 Ecopack

Paper and bamboo: sustainability is served

The new Ecopack range dedicated to savoury dishes, made of paper and bamboo.


The use of plastic to package food

It takes a very long time for plastic to decompose. It is estimated that a plastic bottle can take up to 100 years to completely break down. This means that more than 80% of the rapidly growing pollution of the seas is caused by plastic waste.

This has a devastating effect not only on many animal species, such as fish, seals and birds, but also on human beings, who eat the products of the sea: as a consequence, the ecological commitment is aimed also, and above all, at our own health.

This is why the European Union has reached an agreement to ban disposable plastic food packaging, guilty along with disposable accessories such as cutlery, straws and glasses made of plastic or expanded polystyrene, as of 2021.
Despite this, many disposable food containers are still made of plastic polymers.

An alternative to plastic

Ecopack has always paid attention to the use of alternatives to plastic which are completely biodegradable, while guaranteeing excellent technical characteristics.

The use of eco-friendly materials suitable for contact with food and resistant to high temperatures has characterised Ecopack’s cake baking solutions since the very beginning.
And these materials are used successfully in the moulds of the Savoury range, which is particularly suitable for take away services, especially the Paper Pan tray.

To meet growing demand from the market, which is increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, we have created a range of containers specifically for savoury foods.
The characteristics are the same, focusing particularly on renewable and biodegradable raw materials.

Paper and bamboo: materials that are winning the fight against pollution

Ecopack has chosen paper and bamboo to satisfy the requirements of ecology, technical performance and suitability for food contact.

Paper is a highly recyclable material, which can be processed over and over again, while bamboo is a grass that grows very quickly without chemical aid, so its use contributes significantly to the reduction of deforestation.
Bamboo is also very resistant: it contains six times more cellulose than paper conifers. This makes it suitable for containing any type of food without leaking.

The use of these two materials not only guarantees the safety and versatility of the containers, but is also a 100% sustainable choice, protecting the environment.

Discover the Ecopack savoury range.

Ecopack joined the UN Global Compact 900 600 Ecopack

Ecopack joined the UN Global Compact

This is our way to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Anyone who knows our company knows that environmental protection is one of our top priorities: every year, we invest a lot of resources in researching and developing increasingly eco-friendly packaging solutions.
We aim to reduce our environmental impact while offering our customers products of the highest quality, with excellent technical characteristics, usable both at high and low temperatures and suitable for contact with food.

Joining the Global Compact Network Italy is another step forward for our company towards the well-being of the planet.

The UNGC and the Italian network

The UN Global Compact is a voluntary initiative to support the implementation of the United Nations sustainability goals.
The Global Compact Network Italy was established in 2013 as a foundation through which the United Nations Global Compact operates in our country.
One of the main goals of the organisation is to promote the Ten Principles of the Global Compact within our country, in addition to the commitment to implementing the 2030 Agenda which strives to eradicate extreme poverty, spread peace and promote prosperity and human self-development.

The Ten Principles of the Global Compact

The goal of the Global Compact is to promote a sustainable world economy for everyone to enjoy, by encouraging companies to set up a constructive economic, social and environmental framework.
All the companies and organisations that join the pact, including Ecopack, share, advocate and enact its fundamental principles regarding human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.
The principles that underpin these rules are universally accepted – they derive from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration, the Rio Declaration and the United Nations Convention against corruption.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The United Nations General Assembly approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development on 25 September 2015, with the participation of 150 international leaders.
The Agenda comprises 17 goals and 169 targets to be achieved by 2030.
Its goal is to set out global priorities related to the people, the planet, prosperity and peace while providing indicators to assess the sustainability performance of all the stakeholders involved in the project. With one goal: changing the world.

Delivery Line: your food, everywhere 900 600 Ecopack

Delivery Line: your food, everywhere

At this very particular moment in time, take away food and home delivery services are extremely popular, for obvious reasons. Here is the completely eco-friendly delivery range designed by Ecopack.


The current situation is leading people increasingly to choose alternative consumption styles.
If you don’t want to have to do without the delicious food served at your favourite restaurant but can’t go out to eat due to the restrictions imposed, the only thing to do is take advantage of their take away or home delivery services.
To ensure the finest possible experience, serving dishes that are as fresh as if they had just come out of the kitchen, it is necessary to package the food in containers that preserve all their aroma and flavour.

High quality containers for high quality food

The Ecopack Delivery range has been created to fulfill the increasing demands of restaurants, cake shops and bakeries, who need to supply their products to their clients practically and safely, to ensure enjoyment at home, as if they had just come out of the kitchen, offering a superb consumption experience.
A range of take away trays and containers that can enhance the flavour of every dish, even the most refined.

All the trays are disposable and stackable and can also be used to heat food in traditional or microwave ovens.

The range is completed by RPET plastic lids made from recycled plastic and compatible with the trays, ideal for keeping food fresh and fragrant while transporting it comfortably to your home.

Disposable: what about the environment?

Since 1939, the year in which Ecopack started making moulds for industrial cake baking, the company’s commitment has focused particularly on the search for high-performance, eco-friendly materials that respect the environment without affecting the quality and safety of a product designed to come into close contact with food.

The Delivery range of disposable products for take-away food offers just that.
They are made with completely recyclable and certified greaseproof paper for contact with food.
The lids are made of non-toxic RPET, making them ideal for the storage of food.

All the products in the Ecopack Delivery range

The Delivery range, dedicated to those who want to take all the goodness of their food to the homes of their clients, is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, to suit all needs.
From single portion trays to larger sizes, capable of containing more than one portion, through to the bamboo salad bowls, to enjoy fresh salads comfortably at home, with Ecopack you can let your imagination run wild and offer a real restaurant experience even when the restaurant itself is off limits!


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