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Since 1939, Ecopack has been producing and marketing paper containers and baking moulds worldwide and has always been on the cutting edge of research for ecological and fully biodegradable alternatives to plastic.

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Ecopack’s product range includes over 800 items, available in various sizes, colours and finishes, even in customised versions.

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Customer care, technological development and sustainability have always been our hallmark values.
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Our client is at the center of the Group’s philosophy: this is why our professionals create knowledge and stability in the relationship.
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Ecopack works in close collaboration with customers, partners and research institutes such as the University of Turin, developing sustainable solutions for food packaging.
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Ecopack supports a project dedicated to young sportsmen and to those who want to experience sport believing in its values.
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Savoury Line:

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The Savoury line is the result of our constant research for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, a line of products designed for savoury foods which uses only renewable and biodegradable raw materials.


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How do consumers perceive eco-friendly packaging? 900 600 Ecopack

How do consumers perceive eco-friendly packaging?

A recent study has shown that consumers also care about the environment when buying food


When consumers enter a shop to buy some food, what brings them to choose one product or another? Does packaging influence this choice?

People are increasingly inclined to consider the environmental impact of the products they use, before buying them.


The role of packaging in the choice of products

Packaging is not the first thing that consumers consider when buying a product, however, studies have shown that almost half of people pay attention to the materials of which product packaging is made.

In particular, they focus on avoiding plastic.


56% of consumers would pay a higher price for recyclable packaging and 39% would pay more for biodegradable packaging as well.


Consumers’ knowledge of materials

In general, consumers look for products that foster a more sustainable lifestyle.

They make an effort to minimise waste and their impact on the environment and, above all, they want to reduce the use of plastic.


Yet, sometimes, it can be difficult to tell what is really eco-friendly, even for the most attentive consumers.

For example, the recyclability of materials is perceived as very important for the protection of the environment, however, the parameters vary from country to country.

The good news is that consumers know what features a material should have to be eco-friendly.


Communication is key

72% of consumers perceive cardboard as the most ecological material, unlike plastic, which they normally avoid.

53% of people reckon it as a common material, 49% think it is functional and easily recyclable.



Communication is very important: consumers highly appreciate brands that indicate that a packaging is recyclable or eco-friendly, more than reading an explanatory text.

In fact, this is exactly what influences their choice when purchasing.

75% of consumers are aware of the problems related to plastic and 50% of them have changed their purchasing habits.


This is where retailers and packaging producers come into play: it is good to choose wisely the materials used in the production of products and communicate this choice effectively to consumers in order to help them make the best choices for the planet.

Find out all Ecopack eco-friendly products or contact us for more information.

Why sustainability is important today 900 600 Ecopack

Why sustainability is important today

After the pandemic we faced in the past year and that we are still dealing with, the economy needs to restart. Sustainability is key


The only development possible nowadays is a sustainable one: economic growth cannot be detached from environmental awareness and care for the scarce resources of our planet.


Post Covid-19 economics

If some thought that the pandemic would place the topics of ecology and sustainability in the background, they were wrong: such themes are currently instrumental to development.

In fact, sustainability is the key we need to come out of the economic crisis triggered by the pandemic.


A world in which we all can equally benefit from resources is, indeed, the future. Not only in people’s consciences, but even in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

At Ecopack, we give our contribution by subscribing to the Italian Global Compact Network.


The role of businesses

Corporate investment in sustainability is above all a gesture of great sensitivity and awareness: the sign of a direction truly in line with the modern world and the needs of our era.


Secondly, environmental sustainability is fortunately increasingly rooted in consumers and partners, who are happier to rely on companies showing a green philosophy.


Finally, sustainability also means cost savings: raw material waste translates to greater costs for all, including the very manufacturers and companies.


In a world growingly in need of kindness, companies need to lead the battle against waste and pollution, even by raising awareness among their customers.


The Ecopack philosophy

This is why we work towards sustainable manufacturing every day.

Ever since our birth, we have performed constant research to manufacture our molds using sustainable and recyclable raw material while maintaining Ecopack’s unique technical features unaltered.
We have recently shown an extra effort towards sustainability by shifting completely to FSC-certified paper. In fact, by the end of 2021, the products manufactured at our Italian plants will be mostly made of compostable paper.

Our sustainable products include the Paper Pan line – our recyclable paper trays – and Cocoa Paper – molds made of cocoa bean shells.

Colomba and other special shapes for delicious cakes! 900 600 Ecopack

Colomba and other special shapes for delicious cakes!

It is not only the Panettone that brings families together and brings a smile to the table: the Easter Colomba is an excellent example of cake adored by the whole family, standing out for its special shape.


It is not only the classic round, square, or plum cake shapes that make the table shine: the oddest shapes may do the same, and not only on holidays!


Easter Colomba baking mold

Like every year, Easter is approaching, and there will be a star actor on the tables of all Italians: the Colomba.


The cake has an unusual shape, not exactly regular or geometric, but this is what makes it unique!

With Ecopack, you may choose between four formats of free-standing baking molds, depending on your production requirements.


Stand out at first sight

You already know your cakes are special.

Then why not let the world know by giving them a unique shape?

Ecopack offers a myriad of customization opportunities: you may print your company logo on the molds, and choose the solution that most suits to you among the different sizes available. Give a shape to your creativity!


Thinking outside the box has never been so easy: choose the shape you prefer for your cake, along with the size of your logo to decorate the paper baking mold, and create your singular treat.


Special shapes, same quality

Even our special shape molds, just like all the others in the Ecopack range, are produced with high-precision automatic machines.

This processing technique allows us to achieve minimum size tolerance and use the baking molds with automatic denesting machines.


The vertical band is made of greaseproof, non-stick, food-contact corrugated paper, while the base is made of non-stick, food-contact, microperforated corrugated paper.

The printing ink we use is resistant to high temperatures and to the preservatives used in food.


Moreover, the special molds are free-standing: this means that the cakes may be baked inside them without the use of a metal baking tray.


Like always, our products are designed to be fully eco-friendly and are made of recyclable materials.

Better for cooking, better for the planet 900 600 Ecopack

Better for cooking, better for the planet

The new Ecopack campaign aims to raise awareness in favor of water saving among its users


Asteróide Filmes and Flavor agency have signed the new corporate campaign shot in Brazil aimed at digital media for the Ecopack Group. The title will be “Better for cooking, better for the planet” and, fully grasping the environment-loving spirit that characterizes the company, aims to raise awareness of water consumption.


Ecopack and love for environment

In fact, all products manufactured and sold by Ecopack have sustainability as their main rule. The molds made by our company, in fact, are not only ecological and biodegradable, but they don’t need to be washed and can be used, as well as for cooking, as final packaging.


The video

The plot of the video has as its central topic life during the pandemic that has hit us in the last year.

The protagonist is a 30-year-old woman who, on this occasion, discovers the pleasure of cooking: a hobby that not only is a way to entertain herself during the long stay at home, but also gives her the opportunity to keep in touch with her loved ones and demonstrate love to them.


The choice made in developing Ecopack products is no coincidence, which in addition to their ecological qualities are practical and eliminate additional processes, such as greasing with butter and oil to facilitate the detachment of food. Perfect for time saving and healthy cooking!


The floor to Ecopack’s Marketing Director

Ecopack’s marketing director talks about this promotional video: “Our narration describes real life, as this is the current situation of millions of people around the world. Moreover, the attention to sustainability and the development of value-added products is a real current trend”.


The campaign has already kicked off in Brazil on the Youtube and Linkedin platforms, and will debut on all digital platforms in the second half of March.

The music was proposed by Machiavelli Music.

New Retail Solutions line 900 600 Ecopack

New Retail Solutions line

A line entirely dedicated to packaging solutions for the retail sector


For your most prestigious customers, Ecopack offers the possibility to create small, fully customized, ad hoc packaging, which may be ordered in the quantity desired. It will be branded with the client’s logo.


Cardboard label on top

We produce paperboard labels to be positioned on top of the products, inside the externally heat-shrunk pack.

The cardboard is certified for indirect food contact, and is also available in FSC® certified paper. It may be customized with your customer’s logo or graphic design, even in color.


Printed cardboard band

The cardboard band is ideal for a myriad of different sizes and kinds of baking molds: from round molds – such as those for cakes and pies – to rectangular molds – such as those for plum cakes.

It may be customized with the client’s logo and color graphics, and is also available in FSC® cardboard.

The bands are also made of paperboard certified for indirect food contact.



Heat-shrinking is suitable for molds of different formats, and may be completed with a black-and-white external adhesive label.

An internal non-adhesive label may also be included. It is available even in FSC®-certified paperboard, and may be customized with a logo or graphic design, in this case even in color.



For the smallest molds, we may produce a polybag with a Euro-hole cardboard hang-tab.

The hang-tab may be color-printed either on the visible face or on both sides. It is also available in FSC®-certified cardboard.

Even the hang-tab is made of paperboard certified for indirect food contact.



Alternatively, customers may choose the flowpack with Euro-hole option.

It is available in both the color-printed version and in the unprinted version with a black-and-white printed external adhesive label.


Heat-sealable plastic bag

Our heat-sealable plastic bags have a Euro-hole to be displayed in stores, and may be ordered in the color-printed version or in the non-printed version with a black-and-white printed external adhesive label.


Cardboard box

Finally, we may create a cardboard box with Euro-hole.

It is customizable with the client’s logo and color graphics, and is also available with a PP window to show the product inside.

The cardboard may be white or avana, even FSC®-certified and as always certified for indirect food contact.


Contact us for further information concerning our customized solutions for the retail sector.

ecopack and fsc together since 2021
Ecopack shifts to FSC 900 600 Ecopack

Ecopack shifts to FSC

A pivotal step for the company: the use of fully certified paper


Ecopack’s love for the environment goes back a long way: ever since the establishment of our company, we have committed to the minimum environmental impact of our products and the use of recyclable materials.

Like always, we love to show our commitment through tangible actions.

Our action today is thus an additional great step: from now on, we will only use FSC-certified paper, initially at our Italian factory, then at our production facilities abroad.


Ecopack and sustainability since 1939

One of Ecopack’s principles is the constant research to maintain a high quality standard of products, using eco-friendly materials with a small carbon footprint to create unique molds for food products.

This is why we cooperate with research centers on a regular basis to always develop new, innovative and eco-friendly products, with a nevertheless guaranteed resistance to high and low temperatures.

A number of Ecopack product lines designed in the scope of sustainability and the abolishment of single-use plastic already exist: Cocoa Paper, created using cocoa processing waste; Paper Pan, our tray made of recyclable cellulose; and our paper baking molds.


The breakthrough: our shift to FSC paper

It is a very important moment for our company: we wish to prove once again that our commitment towards protecting the world is real. This is why we have chosen to use strictly FSC-certified paper for the products made at our Italian firm, and soon extend this to our production facilities worldwide.

FSC® is an international organization for the promotion of responsible forest and plantation management born in 1993, while in Italy it has been operating since 2001.


The FSC® label identifies products containing wood from responsibly managed forests, in accordance with stringent environmental, social, and economic standards.

To strictly use material bearing this label means having the certainty that all the paper employed to create our products derives from an environmentally adequate, socially useful and economically sustainable management of the world’s forests.


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Ecopack worldwide

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