Green and biodegradable solutions

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Ecopack has always been on the cutting edge of research for alternatives to plastic.

Ecopack uses renewable and biodegradable raw materials, reducing the environmental impact along the entire supply chain while maintaining the hallmarks of its products unaltered.

Ecopack is a leading company in the design and production of paper containers for food committing its resources to enhancing the sustainability index of paper as a raw material and gradually reducing the environmental impact along the entire supply chain.

In 2021, Ecopack was awarded the EcoVadis gold medal for corporate sustainability, finishing in the top class of companies assessed by the international provider of Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable procurement ratings.

The key features of Ecopack’s strategy

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Ecopack designs machines and moulds to make lighter paper products, without compromising their durability. This means less consumption of resources such as energy and water, fewer chemicals and emissions during transport.


Ecopack manufactures products with a very low environmental impact – recyclable, biodegradable, compostable.


The waste of raw materials is reduced thanks to supply chain planning and the engineering of the production cycle. Paper waste is recovered and reused as a secondary raw material.

The main raw material of our products is paper.
The fibre used for the production of paper comes from certified and renewable resources such as well-managed forests with a certified chain of custody.
Our paper suppliers are certified according to the requirements defined by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) standards.
Most of the papers we use in our production are PFOA-free (they do not contain fluorocarbons).