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It’s time for a change!

It’s time for a change! 900 600 Ecopack

If you think the transition from aluminum and single-use plastic to paper is complicated and lengthy, get ready to think again, as you discover the world and efficiency of Ecopack!

Aluminum and disposable plastic are tarnishing our oceans and green areas.

Starting in 2021, the European Union SUP Directive bans the use of single-use plastic for all products where a more sustainable alternative is available: cutlery, cups, but even trays and containers.

Of course, all companies are well-aware of how important it is to drop single-use containers – especially in a sector with use and consumption as high as the food sector – and promote the transition to more innovative and sustainable materials.

Not all of you may know that this changeover is by all means natural, simple, fast, and advantageous! No complications, no slower production for your company.

For example, Ecopack’s unbeatable Paper Pan is a special recyclable paper tray offered as an alternative to plastic and aluminum. It is perfect for both hot and cold food, and is greaseproof, heat-sealable, and even resistant to liquids.


Customized solutions: from plastic to paper in 15 days!

If you’re looking for specific and customized solutions, send your design or your requirements to Ecopack: our customer care team is ready to welcome all of your requests, and our R&D department will get to work immediately to offer you a paper solution in only 15 days.

The future cannot wait: get in touch with Ecopack and choose an efficient, convenient, and sustainable alternative!

Send us your idea: we will provide our solution within 15 days!

Paper Pan: the new shape of sustainability

Paper Pan: the new shape of sustainability 900 600 Ecopack

The Paper Pan range becomes even more eco-friendly: from now on, it will be made of FSC® paper


Paper Pan is a paper tray for food storage that aims to replace the myriad of plastic trays currently in use.

The millions of plastic trays used daily at supermarkets and for delivery services pose a great environmental threat.

Indeed, soiled plastic is no longer recyclable, and ends up in landfills.


Paper Pan is the revolution!

Although Paper Pan is made of, well, paper, it boasts the same properties as its plastic equivalent.

In fact, it resists grease just like ordinary plastic containers and has the same mechanical stiffness, as well as strong resistance to liquids.

For take-away purposes and to expose food at the deli department of grocery stores, Paper Pan is heat-sealable.


As well as its technical features, Paper Pan has even more important eco-friendly traits.

It is easily recycled: it uses 30% less cellulose compared to other paperboard trays on the market, while maintaining a high mechanical resistance.

The reduced cellulose translates to a significant reduction in paper consumption and pressure on the entire supply chain.


Ecopack’s production has started in Italy, but its ambition is to have a worldwide impact.


All the features of Paper Pan

Paper Pan has achieved a level B recyclability rating according to the Aticelca® 501 evaluation system: this means 80% of the paper from each Paper Pan may be recycled.


The trays are available in three different formats (small, medium, and large), for every purpose, and starting today they have a new graphic design: you may choose between the white version or printed version.

They may be covered with their transparent PET lid or heat-sealed with PET film.


Discover the Paper Pan trays.

Your food packaging kit with the Ecopack system

Your food packaging kit with the Ecopack system 900 600 Ecopack

The ideal kit to heat-seal the Paper Pan range trays


The Paper Pan trays are a real must for those who wish to package their foods with a special care for the environment.

With the Ecopack system, you may package foods ecologically without tarnishing their quality in the transportation phase.


Film + heat-sealer + Paper Pan = Ecopack system

Paper Pan is even heat-sealable: although it is made mainly of paper, the tray may undergo heat-sealing.

By using the manual, multi-format heat-sealer, you may seal all the trays of the Paper Pan range, which may be then used in the oven, microwave, and freezer.

Thanks to the heat-sealing, food may be stored for a longer time, and liquids will not leak: it is a perfect complement to the Paper Pan tray.


The Paper Pan range

A myriad of plastic trays are used for food storage and transportation every day.

This means, unfortunately, a great consumption of raw material, and a problematic plastic recycling process, multiplied by the high number of trays found at supermarkets and grocery stores all around the world.

Moreover, it is hard to remove food residue from plastic, which needs to be completely clean for recycling purposes.

To respond to such issue, Ecopack has created the Paper Pan tray.

It is a tray made of paper, but with the same features as the more classic trays: in fact, its resistance to grease and liquids, as well as its mechanical stiffness, are excellent.

It has a myriad of possible uses: it can be used to package food exposed at delis and supermarkets, but even for take-away purposes, with its ability to maintain goodness and taste of food.

But that’s not all: Paper Pan uses 30% less cellulose compared to paperboard trays, but it maintains its mechanical resistance. Top-notch technical quality, with an environmental impact reduced to a bare minimum.

Discover all the Paper Pan range.


With the Ecopack system, you will have a Paper Pan, heat-sealing film, and a manual heat-sealer: all you will need to think about is the tasty food to store!

Find out more about the Ecopack system by contacting us.


Paper Pan saves the environment, and your wallet!

Paper Pan saves the environment, and your wallet! 700 730 Ecopack

With the new Ecopack initiative, your love for the planet is rewarded

Protecting the planet we live in is a reward in itself, but Ecopack has chosen to give another incentive to all those who, like us, love the Earth: starting today, and through February 15, there will be a 5% discount on all Paper Pan orders.


Paper Pan: the tray that loves the environment

A myriad of plastic trays are used for food every day.

This means a great consumption of raw material, and a problematic recycling process, multiplied by the incredibly high number of trays populating tables and supermarkets all around the world.

Moreover, it is hard to remove food residue from plastic, which needs to be completely clean for recycling purposes.

This is how the Paper Pan line was born: its resistance to grease and liquids is excellent – comparable to that of common plastic trays – and its mechanical stiffness has nothing to envy of its less eco-friendly cousins.

Another unique feature of this line is its heat-sealability: despite being made mainly of paper, it may be subject to heat-sealing.

It can be used to package food exposed at delis and supermarkets, but even for take-away purposes, with its ability to maintain goodness and taste of food.

It may be closed with an RPET lid or with a multilayer HDPE-PET film.

Paper Pan uses 30% less cellulose compared to paperboard trays, but it maintains its mechanical resistance: its technical quality thus remains unaltered, but its environmental impact is reduced to a bare minimum.

Paper Pan may be recycled as paper in accordance with UNI 11743:2019 and UNI EN 13430 standards, and has achieved an Aticelca® (Italian organization of paper technology professionals) 501:2019 assessment system level B score, which means 80% of the paper content of each Paper Pan may be reused.


Ecopack and environment: a love lasting since 1939

Ever since the dawn of our company, not only do we provide technically exceptional packaging solutions to our customers, but we use our human resources for the constant research of advanced technology that may allow us to achieve top results through eco-friendly materials.

Environmental sustainability is, in fact, our true vocation. Our company offers a wide range of products made using recyclable materials with an extremely low carbon footprint.

Come acquaint yourself with our sustainable packaging solutions.

Paper and bamboo: sustainability is served

Paper and bamboo: sustainability is served 900 600 Ecopack

The new Ecopack range dedicated to savoury dishes, made of paper and bamboo.


The use of plastic to package food

It takes a very long time for plastic to decompose. It is estimated that a plastic bottle can take up to 100 years to completely break down. This means that more than 80% of the rapidly growing pollution of the seas is caused by plastic waste.

This has a devastating effect not only on many animal species, such as fish, seals and birds, but also on human beings, who eat the products of the sea: as a consequence, the ecological commitment is aimed also, and above all, at our own health.

This is why the European Union has reached an agreement to ban disposable plastic food packaging, guilty along with disposable accessories such as cutlery, straws and glasses made of plastic or expanded polystyrene, as of 2021.
Despite this, many disposable food containers are still made of plastic polymers.

An alternative to plastic

Ecopack has always paid attention to the use of alternatives to plastic which are completely biodegradable, while guaranteeing excellent technical characteristics.

The use of eco-friendly materials suitable for contact with food and resistant to high temperatures has characterised Ecopack’s cake baking solutions since the very beginning.
And these materials are used successfully in the moulds of the Savoury range, which is particularly suitable for take away services, especially the Paper Pan tray.

To meet growing demand from the market, which is increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, we have created a range of containers specifically for savoury foods.
The characteristics are the same, focusing particularly on renewable and biodegradable raw materials.

Paper and bamboo: materials that are winning the fight against pollution

Ecopack has chosen paper and bamboo to satisfy the requirements of ecology, technical performance and suitability for food contact.

Paper is a highly recyclable material, which can be processed over and over again, while bamboo is a grass that grows very quickly without chemical aid, so its use contributes significantly to the reduction of deforestation.
Bamboo is also very resistant: it contains six times more cellulose than paper conifers. This makes it suitable for containing any type of food without leaking.

The use of these two materials not only guarantees the safety and versatility of the containers, but is also a 100% sustainable choice, protecting the environment.

Discover the Ecopack savoury range.

Paper Pan: sustainability has a new shape

Paper Pan: sustainability has a new shape 900 600 Ecopack

The innovations in the Ecopack world are never-ending and today we are presenting the new Paper Pan range.


The world is constantly evolving, and people’s habits and expectations are evolving with it.
Environmental impact and sustainability are two concepts that are becoming increasingly important to consumers, who are taking an increasingly careful and conscious approach to purchasing and consumption. It is with this new global scenario in mind that Ecopack has created Paper Pan, the new range of cardboard food trays, made to replace plastic trays.
Paper Pan has been certified by Aticelca, 501 UNI 11743:2019 in class B. This assessment system is being used increasingly in Italy to enhance the recyclability of paper at industrial level.

What makes it different from traditional trays? The Paper Pan range is made of paper, is easy to recycle and is made using 30% less cellulose than standard cardboard containers. Choosing Paper Pan means offering customers an easily recyclable option: a responsible choice with a very low environmental impact, capable of putting a stop to the creation and accumulation of plastic waste that is hard to dispose of and recycle.

What remains unchanged compared to traditional trays is the outstanding efficiency of this new range of containers. Resistant to liquids and grease thanks to its oil-repellent properties, the tray offers unparalleled resistance despite its paper base, capable of containing all kinds of food, thanks also to its certification for food contact . It can also be heated up to 220°C in the oven for 60 minutes. This is a brand new feature in its category, previously offered only by plastic trays.
Lastly, it is also perfectly suitable for freezing food to temperatures as low as -40 °C.

Paper Pan is proof that you can have all the qualities of traditional trays while respecting the environment.

The Paper Pan range includes three different sizes. The standard depth is always 4.5 cm, while the size varies from a minimum of 98×82 mm to a maximum of 185×145 mm. It is fully customizable with your company’s logo and message.
Lastly, it represents an important indication of attention to the environment, which will not go unnoticed.

Paper Pan can also be closed and stacked! Thanks to handy RPET lids, transporting food is really easy. And it can also be heat-sealed.

You can choose the product that best suits your needs here.
For the packaging of cakes, discover the Pie range and Cocoa Paper cases.

Paper Pan is the new take away range for sustainable delivery.