Ecopack, CEOs decided to share part of results with all the employees

Ecopack, CEOs decided to share part of results with all the employees 900 600 Ecopack

The last two years represented a difficult moment, for every company.
However, at Ecopack we worked as a team and we achieved great results!

The wellbeing and recognition of co-workers’ commitment by the company is a fundamental ingredient for a positive organizational performance: with this philosophy, Ecopack decided to reward the incredible effort employees demonstrated.
The CEOs, Annalisa and Francesco Ferri, decided to share part of Ecopack’s 2021 result – about 7% of Ebit – with all the employees worldwide.

To thank them for their daily effort and commitment, allowing the company to thrive: it has been a long, difficult road, but the results have been incredible, because of the personnel’s endeavor.

Sending a warm thank you to our team


Call4Circular Packaging: join us and create innovative packaging!

Call4Circular Packaging: join us and create innovative packaging! 900 600 Ecopack

#Call4Circular Packaging – The value of vegetable fibers, a circular open innovation project developed by Circular Economy Lab, has begun. It aims to identify vegetable fibers that can become innovative materials to replace plastic packaging and containers in the food sector.


Ecopack has always been at the forefront of research behind innovative materials to develop its products.
Nowadays, replacing plastic packaging and containers in the food sector through the use of alternative materials is not only a choice, but an obligation, if we hope to safeguard the environment.

To do this, Ecopack has decided to join forces with the Circular Economy Lab, which has launched the Call4Circular Packaging – The value of vegetable fibers initiative. It is a circular open innovation project aiming to identify vegetable fibers that can become innovative materials to replace plastic packaging and containers in the food sector.

Call4Circular Packaging – The value of vegetable fibers is directed to researchers, startups, and innovative SMEs, and is an opportunity to contribute to the transformation of plastic packaging for the food industry sector through support and supply to leading companies on the international stage.

The innovative entities considered most in line with the research will be analyzed, assessed, and selected by a workgroup of Ecopack and Circular Economy Lab experts. In case of interest by Ecopack, they will have the chance to continue an innovation path through a technical-commercial partnership.

How to apply?

To apply to the call, fill out the form available at this link by October 17, 2021.Do you have an idea to present? Join us to contribute to the transformation of the plastic packaging sector!


Less plastic, more choice!

Less plastic, more choice! 900 600 Ecopack

12 of September is International Plastic Bags Free Day. The right day to make other important sustainable choices in your company

International Plastic Bags Free Day is an important date. Because it reminds us of the value of small gestures and big new habits that we can adopt to make the Planet more livable every day.

A day without plastic bags is a step forward in the long journey that each of us, as an individual first and then as a community, must make towards a real green shift, made up of daily choices that impact less on the environment.


After the plastic bags, then, why not continue your green journey by reducing the use of plastic in your company? For example, giving up the old and obsolete plastic containers and switching to food containers and baking molds made of paper.

Each company can confidently contact Ecopack and submit their idea and needs. The specialized Ecopack team will always provide the most suitable solution after a careful analysis of the requests and will create products with a lower environmental impact, even tailor-made.

In addition, in the Ecopack world there are many ready-made, sustainable solutions of all shapes and sizes: every day take a step forward on your path towards a cleaner world.


Are you also looking for an eco-friendly and more sustainable product? Contact us!

paper is the solution

It’s time for a change!

It’s time for a change! 900 600 Ecopack

If you think the transition from aluminum and single-use plastic to paper is complicated and lengthy, get ready to think again, as you discover the world and efficiency of Ecopack!

Aluminum and disposable plastic are tarnishing our oceans and green areas.

Starting in 2021, the European Union SUP Directive bans the use of single-use plastic for all products where a more sustainable alternative is available: cutlery, cups, but even trays and containers.

Of course, all companies are well-aware of how important it is to drop single-use containers – especially in a sector with use and consumption as high as the food sector – and promote the transition to more innovative and sustainable materials.

Not all of you may know that this changeover is by all means natural, simple, fast, and advantageous! No complications, no slower production for your company.

For example, Ecopack’s unbeatable Paper Pan is a special recyclable paper tray offered as an alternative to plastic and aluminum. It is perfect for both hot and cold food, and is greaseproof, heat-sealable, and even resistant to liquids.


Customized solutions: from plastic to paper in 15 days!

If you’re looking for specific and customized solutions, send your design or your requirements to Ecopack: our customer care team is ready to welcome all of your requests, and our R&D department will get to work immediately to offer you a paper solution in only 15 days.

The future cannot wait: get in touch with Ecopack and choose an efficient, convenient, and sustainable alternative!

Send us your idea: we will provide our solution within 15 days!

Mare non ama plastica

The sea doesn’t like plastic

The sea doesn’t like plastic 900 599 Ecopack

Find out how the change, with Ecopack, is really within reach for your company

Summer is a fantastic season that allows us to fully experience the beauty and charm of the sea. But summer is also the right time to reflect on the situation of the seas in our country, and in the whole world.

Allowing such beauty to be ruined by pollution and harmful habits that are still too ingrained would be madness!

More than 8 million tons of plastic end up in the sea every year.

Plastic ruins the sea, pollutes, dirties the water and even the beach, endangers the entire ecosystem and also damages the health of human beings because plastic goes up the food chain from plankton to our tables.

Furthermore, the Single-Use Plastics (SUP) European Directive, which bans the use of single-use plastic products for which there are alternatives on the market, is a clear message in inviting companies to use other materials.


Alternative materials to plastic are really advantageous and will prove to be fantastic allies day after day ready to support the real needs of your company, in terms of practicality, efficiency and performance.

The time has come to be actively involved in safeguarding the sea and to make truly green and sustainable business choices. Start now, choose Ecopack paper products and enjoy the beauty of the sea, in summer and every day of the year!

Switch to paper: choose Ecopack!

customer care ecopack

3 reasons to choose Ecopack

3 reasons to choose Ecopack 900 600 Ecopack

Quality, commitment, efficiency: there is a myriad of reasons to choose Ecopack, and to keep on doing so year after year.

Relying on Ecopack is always a winning choice, our customers know this well!
It is no coincidence that the company boasts an impressive number of loyal customers, which choose Ecopack for their businesses and do so as an investment in the efficiency, innovation, and skills of our team.


Always ready to answer

The Ecopack Customer Care is truly efficient, with utmost attention to customer and potential customer requirements.
We process every request within 24 hours, providing our customers with complete and quick replies. This is because Ecopack knows how busy companies in the food sector are, and works every day to make their job easier, with a knack for innovation.


The environment is our priority

Being sustainable is the latest trend. But Ecopack has supported pretty words with tangible facts and crucial choices since day one. For Ecopack, sustainability is not a fad, but an essential part of its mission.
And our clients know this, of course! Ecopack has always cared for the environmental impact of its products, and works daily to provide a cleaner world to the new generations through numerous local initiatives.


We are kind

This may seem like a cliché, but it’s much more. Our customer care staff is not only quick and efficient, but also kind, enthusiastic, proactive, and smiling. This is why Ecopack is a versatile and full-scale partner for your company, with which to develop delightful and lasting collaborations.

These are just a few of the reasons to choose us. Picture this: 80% of Ecopack buyers buy from us again. Become our customer and find out all of the other reasons to choose us and keep on doing so day after day!


compostable panettone mold

The Ecopack compostable panettone mold is here!

The Ecopack compostable panettone mold is here! 900 600 Ecopack

The Nature paper version of our panettone alto and basso and Easter Colomba molds is now 100% compostable.

Special news from the Ecopack world!

Our research for eco-friendly solutions never stops, and the latest news is that we turned the NATURE line into a completely natural and compostable product.


The compostable mold

Ecopack’s commitment to the environment is well-known. In fact, we perform a myriad of actions every day to show how much we care for a greener world.

We are proud to present our latest achievement: the NATURE paper version mold for panettone alto and basso and colomba is now fully organic and compostable. A new step towards manufacturing molds that are not only of extremely high quality, but even have a small carbon footprint.


The TÜV label

And that’s not all: our NATURE panettone molds made of natural paper will bear the TÜV Austria label; yet another quality guarantee. Indeed, the tall and short panettone molds of the NATURE line are among our products worthy of the prestigious certification to use the “OK Compost – INDUSTRIAL” label.

TÜV Austria is one of the most distinguished certification bodies in the sector. It performs audits, testing, and training of corporate managers wishing to comply with the certification rules and standards.

Being awarded a certification by this institution is a crucial step for Ecopack, which has always worked hard towards offering high product quality.


Check out the first-ever compostable Ecopack products: the NATURE paper panettone molds.

food packaging

How to choose the right food packaging for your company

How to choose the right food packaging for your company 900 600 Ecopack

True, you can’t judge a book by its cover… but consumers often do! Packaging has a crucial role, especially in the world of food and beverage.


You know your product extremely well, but your buyers still don’t! A good presentation also includes the choice of packaging, which must be attractive and even represent your corporate values as best as possible.

So what are the key features you shall consider when choosing the perfect packaging for a product you have worked on for so long?



Let’s face it: more often than not, consumers are attracted by alluring packaging that helps them notice a product they would have otherwise left on the supermarket shelf.

We must therefore consider the packaging aspect, ranging from innovative design to customization options, both in terms of colors and logos and in terms of sizes and shapes.

For instance, did you know that the Ecopack molds may be personalized with your corporate logo?


Compliance with standards

For the sake of consumer health and the appropriate storage of food, companies must make sure that the materials touching the food are food-contact certified.

This pertains to both the packaging material and the ink used to print on it, which must comply with current standards, shall not be hazardous to consumer health, and shall not alter the food composition.

Buyers shall thus be given the opportunity to verify food packaging certification.

Check out the Ecopack certifications here.


Environmental awareness

Thanks to the technology we have available nowadays, we may create packaging using any kind of material.

Therefore, those of us who have a green heart can easily opt for fully eco-friendly packaging – made of either recycled or very environmentally sustainable material – for our food products.


At Ecopack, we constantly conduct research and development to offer extremely high-quality molds with the smallest carbon footprint possible. Explore our sustainable solutions.

EcoVadis gold

Ecopack wins the EcoVadis gold medal

Ecopack wins the EcoVadis gold medal 900 600 Ecopack

A great honor for us, and yet another proof we are on the right track


Our company has always been committed to sustainability, ethics, and eco-friendliness.

We work with a constant eye on limiting our carbon footprint, and – through our actions – we try to make the world a better place, in which we can all be happier.


It is a great honor for us to have received such an important recognition from EcoVadis: it means we are on the right track. We can and will do a lot more, but we are traveling in the right direction.


What is EcoVadis?

Established in 2007, EcoVadis rates business sustainability.
Boasting over 75,000 clients in its portfolio, it is currently the most prominent and reliable rating company in the world.


EcoVadis is committed to sustainability and CSR in both its own activities and those of the businesses requesting its rating services.

Its goal is to make sustainability an integral part of business operations by promoting transparency, employee involvement, and an ethical code of conduct.


EcoVadis is involved – through both its employees and volunteers – in international projects and initiatives designed to make a difference.


Ecopack and sustainability since 1939

Ever since its foundation, Ecopack has always worked to maintain high product quality while using materials with a low environmental impact.


For growingly better results, we constantly cooperate with research centers to develop new innovative and eco-friendly products.


Moreover, our effort goes beyond the environmental aspect: at our company, we promote ethics and workplace policies to promote the wellness and professional development of our human resources.

Speaking of which, soon the CSR Policy we have drafted will be available for anyone to read on our website!


Ecopack grabs the gold medal

With a score of 69/100, we finished in the top 5th percentile out of all companies rated by EcoVadis.


Sustainability is a growingly important topic for large companies, and we are proud to carry on our values to to trigger growth while respecting people and the environment.

EcoVadis scorecard


Discover the Ecopack product range.

linea professional

A new line for professionals

A new line for professionals 900 600 Ecopack

Ecopack launches the Professional line, a range of cooking moulds designed for pastry shops, delicatessens, bakeries, the hospitality industry and the Cash & Carry sector


After a long experience earned in the large manufacturing sector, Ecopack launches its line designed for smaller companies.

Quantities will change but the quality will always remain the same, the result of research and development to create environmentally friendly moulds with excellent technical properties.


Designed for professionals

If your business makes sweet and savoury products, yet not on a large scale, now you can still enjoy the high quality of Ecopack.

The Professional range, designed for businesses that prepare food like yours, includes not only classic moulds for traditional desserts such as Panettone and Colomba (“Easter Dove”) cakes, but also moulds for plum cakes and the pie and plumpy lines, available in all sizes.

But there’s more! They all come with an rPET lid, so you can also use them for deliveries.


We scaled our production to be able to serve even the smallest companies.

The packs of the Ecopack Professional Line are tailored for your shop: the number of moulds per single batch ranges from 25 to 100 units.

The packs are heat-shrink sealed or come in a plastic bag.

A label is applied to the heat-shrink of the sub-packaging reporting the number of units per batch, product name and sizes, icons with instructions for use and certifications and a multilingual description.

Baking moulds

All the cooking moulds of the Ecopack Professional Line are made

in recyclable and biodegradable paper.

The raw materials used such as paper, glues and inks all comply with the international regulations regarding food-grade materials.

The moulds can be used in the oven and are certified to withstand up to 220 °C (430 °F).

They are also suitable for microwave and freezer use, up to -20 °C (-4 °F).


The Paper Pan trays

Why is Paper Pan special?

Because it has the same characteristics as plastic trays such as resistance to grease and liquids, rigidity and heat-sealability while being 30% lighter than common cardboard containers and realised in FSC® paper.

This is why it is the most eco-friendly cardboard tray on the market, with technical properties comparable to those of plastic trays!


It can be recycled with paper according to UNI 11743:2019 and UNI EN 13430 regulations. Paper Pan has also obtained the Aticelca® 501:2019 level B certification: this means that 80% of the paper can be reused from each Paper Pan container.


Bamboo salad bowls

Bamboo salad bowls are convenient and sustainable at the same time: they are made with renewable and biodegradable raw materials, besides being versatile and suitable for both cold and hot preparations.

They can also be used in the microwave, at a maximum power of 800 W for three minutes (but not in the traditional oven!).

Like all Ecopack products, they are made with food-grade materials, they do not release hazardous substances such as PFOS and PFOA and do not contaminate food in any way.

They can be used at temperatures between -18 °C (0 °F) and 70 °C (160 °F).


Try now our Professional Line!

Choose your mould among the Panettone, plum cake, Colomba, round, square and many more shapes!