Your food packaging kit with the Ecopack system

Your food packaging kit with the Ecopack system

Your food packaging kit with the Ecopack system 900 600 Ecopack

The ideal kit to heat-seal the Paper Pan range trays


The Paper Pan trays are a real must for those who wish to package their foods with a special care for the environment.

With the Ecopack system, you may package foods ecologically without tarnishing their quality in the transportation phase.


Film + heat-sealer + Paper Pan = Ecopack system

Paper Pan is even heat-sealable: although it is made mainly of paper, the tray may undergo heat-sealing.

By using the manual, multi-format heat-sealer, you may seal all the trays of the Paper Pan range, which may be then used in the oven, microwave, and freezer.

Thanks to the heat-sealing, food may be stored for a longer time, and liquids will not leak: it is a perfect complement to the Paper Pan tray.


The Paper Pan range

A myriad of plastic trays are used for food storage and transportation every day.

This means, unfortunately, a great consumption of raw material, and a problematic plastic recycling process, multiplied by the high number of trays found at supermarkets and grocery stores all around the world.

Moreover, it is hard to remove food residue from plastic, which needs to be completely clean for recycling purposes.

To respond to such issue, Ecopack has created the Paper Pan tray.

It is a tray made of paper, but with the same features as the more classic trays: in fact, its resistance to grease and liquids, as well as its mechanical stiffness, are excellent.

It has a myriad of possible uses: it can be used to package food exposed at delis and supermarkets, but even for take-away purposes, with its ability to maintain goodness and taste of food.

But that’s not all: Paper Pan uses 30% less cellulose compared to paperboard trays, but it maintains its mechanical resistance. Top-notch technical quality, with an environmental impact reduced to a bare minimum.

Discover all the Paper Pan range.


With the Ecopack system, you will have a Paper Pan, heat-sealing film, and a manual heat-sealer: all you will need to think about is the tasty food to store!

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