Why sustainability is important today

Why sustainability is important today

Why sustainability is important today 900 600 Ecopack

After the pandemic we faced in the past year and that we are still dealing with, the economy needs to restart. Sustainability is key


The only development possible nowadays is a sustainable one: economic growth cannot be detached from environmental awareness and care for the scarce resources of our planet.


Post Covid-19 economics

If some thought that the pandemic would place the topics of ecology and sustainability in the background, they were wrong: such themes are currently instrumental to development.

In fact, sustainability is the key we need to come out of the economic crisis triggered by the pandemic.


A world in which we all can equally benefit from resources is, indeed, the future. Not only in people’s consciences, but even in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

At Ecopack, we give our contribution by subscribing to the Italian Global Compact Network.


The role of businesses

Corporate investment in sustainability is above all a gesture of great sensitivity and awareness: the sign of a direction truly in line with the modern world and the needs of our era.


Secondly, environmental sustainability is fortunately increasingly rooted in consumers and partners, who are happier to rely on companies showing a green philosophy.


Finally, sustainability also means cost savings: raw material waste translates to greater costs for all, including the very manufacturers and companies.


In a world growingly in need of kindness, companies need to lead the battle against waste and pollution, even by raising awareness among their customers.


The Ecopack philosophy

This is why we work towards sustainable manufacturing every day.

Ever since our birth, we have performed constant research to manufacture our molds using sustainable and recyclable raw material while maintaining Ecopack’s unique technical features unaltered.
We have recently shown an extra effort towards sustainability by shifting completely to FSC-certified paper. In fact, by the end of 2021, the products manufactured at our Italian plants will be mostly made of compostable paper.

Our sustainable products include the Paper Pan line – our recyclable paper trays – and Cocoa Paper – molds made of cocoa bean shells.

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