The sea doesn’t like plastic

Mare non ama plastica

The sea doesn’t like plastic

The sea doesn’t like plastic 900 599 Ecopack

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Summer is a fantastic season that allows us to fully experience the beauty and charm of the sea. But summer is also the right time to reflect on the situation of the seas in our country, and in the whole world.

Allowing such beauty to be ruined by pollution and harmful habits that are still too ingrained would be madness!

More than 8 million tons of plastic end up in the sea every year.

Plastic ruins the sea, pollutes, dirties the water and even the beach, endangers the entire ecosystem and also damages the health of human beings because plastic goes up the food chain from plankton to our tables.

Furthermore, the Single-Use Plastics (SUP) European Directive, which bans the use of single-use plastic products for which there are alternatives on the market, is a clear message in inviting companies to use other materials.


Alternative materials to plastic are really advantageous and will prove to be fantastic allies day after day ready to support the real needs of your company, in terms of practicality, efficiency and performance.

The time has come to be actively involved in safeguarding the sea and to make truly green and sustainable business choices. Start now, choose Ecopack paper products and enjoy the beauty of the sea, in summer and every day of the year!

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