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Sustainability: dispelling the doubts

A sustainable attitude is also based upon awareness of the terms and expressions related to such world

The topic of sustainability is often hazy, especially when it comes to raw material, and this may lead to misunderstandings and confusion upon acting to make the world cleaner.

This is why Ecopack has chosen to create a little manual on the topic, which allows us to better understand the terms and acronyms of sustainability, in favor of suppliers and customers.


Acronyms and materials

When speaking of materials – plastics above all – it is very easy to confuse things!

Why is this? Different polymers are specified using very similar acronyms, although they define materials with different features.

What is the difference between PP, PE, and PET?

What are the characteristics of polystyrene, PLA, Mater-Bi, and PFAS?

They may seem quite similar to the untrained eye, but in reality they are materials with different properties, and it is good to know the latter to know how to use, or in some cases NOT use, the materials.


Biodegradable, compostable, recyclable

We hear these terms related to the waste products we produce on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to make a distinction between biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable if we want to know exactly what material we are dealing with, and what its destiny will be once it is disposed of.

In fact, these three words specify three very different destinations of the waste products, and above all three different impacts on the environment once they enter it.

Moreover, when you recycle a material it is fundamental to know what the best way to do it is, and how to separate waste products to avoid incorrectly disposing of them.


Ecopack and sustainability

Ever since the establishment of our company, we are committed to the research behind materials with a reduced carbon footprint to manufacture our molds for the food industry.

Our continuous experimentation is directed to the creation of molds for the food industry with three fundamental features:

  • food grade certification for direct contact with foods as well as their preservatives and colorants;
  • technical properties such as the resistance to high and low temperatures;
  • environmental sustainability.

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Download our manual on sustainability.
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