Biodegradable Garden line

coperchi trasparenti in R-PET

Biodegradable Garden line

Biodegradable Garden line 550 700 Ecopack

Garden Line

Biodegradable paper containers to embellish fruits and vegetables!


Nature gives us exquisite and delicious fruits.
Let’s wrap them up in coloured papers, as natural as fruit!
The Garden line designed by Ecopack offers biodegradable, convenient and stylish packaging solutions to protect and embellish fruits and vegetables.



The diameter of the outer top can be modified to better contain the product. Other sizes are available upon request.

Round white Ø 70x28h
Round colored Ø 62x40h
Round cocoa paper Ø 60x34h

Fruit tray

Trays with white, coloured or cocoa paper cups, 50 mm Ø x 40 mm h. Easy-tear cardboard.

Tray 24 white cups
Tray 24 colored cups
Tray 4 colored cups
Tray 24 cocoa paper cups


Container suitable for fruit and small food, available in 3 sizes and 4 colours. Transparent lid in recyclable rPET.

Small 80 x 80 x 40h
Medium 158 x 55 x 52h
Large 199 x 73 x 60h
Small lid 110 x 65 x 30h
Medium lid 180 x 85 x 30h
Large lid 230 x 100 x 35h

Round pie

Round cardboard container suitable for fruit and small food. Available in brown or natural-coloured paper, with a recyclable rPET lid.

Brown Ø 90 x 20h
Gold Ø 90 x 20h
Lid Ø 115 x 30h

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