Savoury line

Savoury line 

From sweet to savoury

Ecopack broadens its horizons, creating two lines dedicated to gastronomy and take-away: with Savoury and Delivery, we meet the most varied needs ranging from containers suitable for baking to perfect solutions for cold food recipes, salads and poke bowls.

The materials

The materials used for the new savoury line are paper and bamboo. Paper is a recyclable material since the cellulose fibres it contains can undergo repeated processing cycles. Bamboo has six times the amount of cellulose contained in conifers for paper production and has very resistant fibres. It grows very quickly – it’s part of the grass family – without requiring herbicides or pesticides. Using bamboo paper helps to reduce deforestation: it’s a 100% environmentally-friendly choice. All the products manufactured by our company are food-grade, they do not release any dangerous substance and do not contaminate food in any way, according to community regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004.

Bamboo paper salad bowls

Street food containers

Finger-food containers

Paper Pan