Paper Pan: the new shape of sustainability

Paper Pan: the new shape of sustainability

Paper Pan: the new shape of sustainability 900 600 Ecopack

The Paper Pan range becomes even more eco-friendly: from now on, it will be made of FSC® paper


Paper Pan is a paper tray for food storage that aims to replace the myriad of plastic trays currently in use.

The millions of plastic trays used daily at supermarkets and for delivery services pose a great environmental threat.

Indeed, soiled plastic is no longer recyclable, and ends up in landfills.


Paper Pan is the revolution!

Although Paper Pan is made of, well, paper, it boasts the same properties as its plastic equivalent.

In fact, it resists grease just like ordinary plastic containers and has the same mechanical stiffness, as well as strong resistance to liquids.

For take-away purposes and to expose food at the deli department of grocery stores, Paper Pan is heat-sealable.


As well as its technical features, Paper Pan has even more important eco-friendly traits.

It is easily recycled: it uses 30% less cellulose compared to other paperboard trays on the market, while maintaining a high mechanical resistance.

The reduced cellulose translates to a significant reduction in paper consumption and pressure on the entire supply chain.


Ecopack’s production has started in Italy, but its ambition is to have a worldwide impact.


All the features of Paper Pan

Paper Pan has achieved a level B recyclability rating according to the Aticelca® 501 evaluation system: this means 80% of the paper from each Paper Pan may be recycled.


The trays are available in three different formats (small, medium, and large), for every purpose, and starting today they have a new graphic design: you may choose between the white version or printed version.

They may be covered with their transparent PET lid or heat-sealed with PET film.


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