Paper Pan saves the environment, and your wallet!


Paper Pan saves the environment, and your wallet!

Paper Pan saves the environment, and your wallet! 700 730 Ecopack

With the new Ecopack initiative, your love for the planet is rewarded

Protecting the planet we live in is a reward in itself, but Ecopack has chosen to give another incentive to all those who, like us, love the Earth: starting today, and through February 15, there will be a 5% discount on all Paper Pan orders.


Paper Pan: the tray that loves the environment

A myriad of plastic trays are used for food every day.

This means a great consumption of raw material, and a problematic recycling process, multiplied by the incredibly high number of trays populating tables and supermarkets all around the world.

Moreover, it is hard to remove food residue from plastic, which needs to be completely clean for recycling purposes.

This is how the Paper Pan line was born: its resistance to grease and liquids is excellent – comparable to that of common plastic trays – and its mechanical stiffness has nothing to envy of its less eco-friendly cousins.

Another unique feature of this line is its heat-sealability: despite being made mainly of paper, it may be subject to heat-sealing.

It can be used to package food exposed at delis and supermarkets, but even for take-away purposes, with its ability to maintain goodness and taste of food.

It may be closed with an RPET lid or with a multilayer HDPE-PET film.

Paper Pan uses 30% less cellulose compared to paperboard trays, but it maintains its mechanical resistance: its technical quality thus remains unaltered, but its environmental impact is reduced to a bare minimum.

Paper Pan may be recycled as paper in accordance with UNI 11743:2019 and UNI EN 13430 standards, and has achieved an Aticelca® (Italian organization of paper technology professionals) 501:2019 assessment system level B score, which means 80% of the paper content of each Paper Pan may be reused.


Ecopack and environment: a love lasting since 1939

Ever since the dawn of our company, not only do we provide technically exceptional packaging solutions to our customers, but we use our human resources for the constant research of advanced technology that may allow us to achieve top results through eco-friendly materials.

Environmental sustainability is, in fact, our true vocation. Our company offers a wide range of products made using recyclable materials with an extremely low carbon footprint.

Come acquaint yourself with our sustainable packaging solutions.