Paper and bamboo: sustainability is served

Paper and bamboo: sustainability is served

Paper and bamboo: sustainability is served 900 600 Ecopack

The new Ecopack range dedicated to savoury dishes, made of paper and bamboo.


The use of plastic to package food

It takes a very long time for plastic to decompose. It is estimated that a plastic bottle can take up to 100 years to completely break down. This means that more than 80% of the rapidly growing pollution of the seas is caused by plastic waste.

This has a devastating effect not only on many animal species, such as fish, seals and birds, but also on human beings, who eat the products of the sea: as a consequence, the ecological commitment is aimed also, and above all, at our own health.

This is why the European Union has reached an agreement to ban disposable plastic food packaging, guilty along with disposable accessories such as cutlery, straws and glasses made of plastic or expanded polystyrene, as of 2021.
Despite this, many disposable food containers are still made of plastic polymers.

An alternative to plastic

Ecopack has always paid attention to the use of alternatives to plastic which are completely biodegradable, while guaranteeing excellent technical characteristics.

The use of eco-friendly materials suitable for contact with food and resistant to high temperatures has characterised Ecopack’s cake baking solutions since the very beginning.
And these materials are used successfully in the moulds of the Savoury range, which is particularly suitable for take away services, especially the Paper Pan tray.

To meet growing demand from the market, which is increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, we have created a range of containers specifically for savoury foods.
The characteristics are the same, focusing particularly on renewable and biodegradable raw materials.

Paper and bamboo: materials that are winning the fight against pollution

Ecopack has chosen paper and bamboo to satisfy the requirements of ecology, technical performance and suitability for food contact.

Paper is a highly recyclable material, which can be processed over and over again, while bamboo is a grass that grows very quickly without chemical aid, so its use contributes significantly to the reduction of deforestation.
Bamboo is also very resistant: it contains six times more cellulose than paper conifers. This makes it suitable for containing any type of food without leaking.

The use of these two materials not only guarantees the safety and versatility of the containers, but is also a 100% sustainable choice, protecting the environment.

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