Panettone Special: alto, basso and delicious

Panettone Special: alto, basso and delicious

Panettone Special: alto, basso and delicious 900 600 Ecopack

The perfect moulds for the star of the Christmas festivities.


Originally from Milan but popular all over Italy, the Panettone is a true symbol of Christmas on the table.

The origins of Panettone

The origins of Panettone date back to the Middle Ages, when it was customary to celebrate Christmas by eating a richer type of bread than was eaten every other day.

According to some sources, on the evening of the 24th of December, large loaves baked from wheat flour (a very precious raw material at the time) were brought to the table and a slice was served to every diner.
The last slice was kept for the following year, as a sign of continuity.

Apparently, until 1395. Milan’s bakeries were only allowed to bake wheat bread at Christmas, which they then gave as a gift to their regular customers.
The custom of baking enriched bread during the festive period was not exclusive to Milan, however, but was common in many Italian and European cities.

Alto or basso: different types of panettone

Two types of Panettone can be found today: alto and basso. Which is the most traditional?
You could say both.

The original Panettone was a large loaf of bread that was baked without the aid of a mould.
This was possible mainly because the fat content was much lower than in today’s Panettone, which contains butter and lots of egg yolks.

In the Twenties, Angelo Motta had the idea of wrapping his panettone in straw paper, to make it rise vertically, and enriching it with fat to make it tastier.
This is how the idea of the mushroom-shaped Panettone, recognised as the traditional shape of the industrial Panettone, was born.

Milanese cake shops, on the other hand, continue to prefer the low version, but due to the greater quantity of fat used, it is necessary to bake it in a low mould.

Neither of the two is the original version, but both are absolutely delicious!

Ecopack panettone moulds

Ecopack has always supplied alto and basso Panettone moulds.

They are both particularly suitable for industrial production, because the high precision line allows easy use with automatic denesting machines.

The non-stick greaseproof paper band and the corrugated micro-perforated non-stick paper bottom are safe for contact with food.
The moulds are suitable for baking at high temperatures (up to 220°C) and are self-supporting, so there is no need to use metal moulds.

And like all Ecopack products, the use of high-quality materials that are not only functional but also ecological and recyclable is of great importance.

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