Less plastic, more choice!


Less plastic, more choice!

Less plastic, more choice! 900 600 Ecopack

12 of September is International Plastic Bags Free Day. The right day to make other important sustainable choices in your company

International Plastic Bags Free Day is an important date. Because it reminds us of the value of small gestures and big new habits that we can adopt to make the Planet more livable every day.

A day without plastic bags is a step forward in the long journey that each of us, as an individual first and then as a community, must make towards a real green shift, made up of daily choices that impact less on the environment.


After the plastic bags, then, why not continue your green journey by reducing the use of plastic in your company? For example, giving up the old and obsolete plastic containers and switching to food containers and baking molds made of paper.

Each company can confidently contact Ecopack and submit their idea and needs. The specialized Ecopack team will always provide the most suitable solution after a careful analysis of the requests and will create products with a lower environmental impact, even tailor-made.

In addition, in the Ecopack world there are many ready-made, sustainable solutions of all shapes and sizes: every day take a step forward on your path towards a cleaner world.


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