How to choose the right food packaging for your company

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How to choose the right food packaging for your company

How to choose the right food packaging for your company 900 600 Ecopack

True, you can’t judge a book by its cover… but consumers often do! Packaging has a crucial role, especially in the world of food and beverage.


You know your product extremely well, but your buyers still don’t! A good presentation also includes the choice of packaging, which must be attractive and even represent your corporate values as best as possible.

So what are the key features you shall consider when choosing the perfect packaging for a product you have worked on for so long?



Let’s face it: more often than not, consumers are attracted by alluring packaging that helps them notice a product they would have otherwise left on the supermarket shelf.

We must therefore consider the packaging aspect, ranging from innovative design to customization options, both in terms of colors and logos and in terms of sizes and shapes.

For instance, did you know that the Ecopack molds may be personalized with your corporate logo?


Compliance with standards

For the sake of consumer health and the appropriate storage of food, companies must make sure that the materials touching the food are food-contact certified.

This pertains to both the packaging material and the ink used to print on it, which must comply with current standards, shall not be hazardous to consumer health, and shall not alter the food composition.

Buyers shall thus be given the opportunity to verify food packaging certification.

Check out the Ecopack certifications here.


Environmental awareness

Thanks to the technology we have available nowadays, we may create packaging using any kind of material.

Therefore, those of us who have a green heart can easily opt for fully eco-friendly packaging – made of either recycled or very environmentally sustainable material – for our food products.


At Ecopack, we constantly conduct research and development to offer extremely high-quality molds with the smallest carbon footprint possible. Explore our sustainable solutions.