How do consumers perceive eco-friendly packaging?

How do consumers perceive eco-friendly packaging?

How do consumers perceive eco-friendly packaging? 900 600 Ecopack

A recent study has shown that consumers also care about the environment when buying food


When consumers enter a shop to buy some food, what brings them to choose one product or another? Does packaging influence this choice?

People are increasingly inclined to consider the environmental impact of the products they use, before buying them.


The role of packaging in the choice of products

Packaging is not the first thing that consumers consider when buying a product, however, studies have shown that almost half of people pay attention to the materials of which product packaging is made.

In particular, they focus on avoiding plastic.


56% of consumers would pay a higher price for recyclable packaging and 39% would pay more for biodegradable packaging as well.


Consumers’ knowledge of materials

In general, consumers look for products that foster a more sustainable lifestyle.

They make an effort to minimise waste and their impact on the environment and, above all, they want to reduce the use of plastic.


Yet, sometimes, it can be difficult to tell what is really eco-friendly, even for the most attentive consumers.

For example, the recyclability of materials is perceived as very important for the protection of the environment, however, the parameters vary from country to country.

The good news is that consumers know what features a material should have to be eco-friendly.


Communication is key

72% of consumers perceive cardboard as the most ecological material, unlike plastic, which they normally avoid.

53% of people reckon it as a common material, 49% think it is functional and easily recyclable.



Communication is very important: consumers highly appreciate brands that indicate that a packaging is recyclable or eco-friendly, more than reading an explanatory text.

In fact, this is exactly what influences their choice when purchasing.

75% of consumers are aware of the problems related to plastic and 50% of them have changed their purchasing habits.


This is where retailers and packaging producers come into play: it is good to choose wisely the materials used in the production of products and communicate this choice effectively to consumers in order to help them make the best choices for the planet.

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