Ecopack shifts to FSC

ecopack and fsc together since 2021

Ecopack shifts to FSC

Ecopack shifts to FSC 900 600 Ecopack

A pivotal step for the company: the use of fully certified paper


Ecopack’s love for the environment goes back a long way: ever since the establishment of our company, we have committed to the minimum environmental impact of our products and the use of recyclable materials.

Like always, we love to show our commitment through tangible actions.

Our action today is thus an additional great step: from now on, we will only use FSC-certified paper, initially at our Italian factory, then at our production facilities abroad.


Ecopack and sustainability since 1939

One of Ecopack’s principles is the constant research to maintain a high quality standard of products, using eco-friendly materials with a small carbon footprint to create unique molds for food products.

This is why we cooperate with research centers on a regular basis to always develop new, innovative and eco-friendly products, with a nevertheless guaranteed resistance to high and low temperatures.

A number of Ecopack product lines designed in the scope of sustainability and the abolishment of single-use plastic already exist: Cocoa Paper, created using cocoa processing waste; Paper Pan, our tray made of recyclable cellulose; and our paper baking molds.


The breakthrough: our shift to FSC paper

It is a very important moment for our company: we wish to prove once again that our commitment towards protecting the world is real. This is why we have chosen to use strictly FSC-certified paper for the products made at our Italian firm, and soon extend this to our production facilities worldwide.

FSC® is an international organization for the promotion of responsible forest and plantation management born in 1993, while in Italy it has been operating since 2001.


The FSC® label identifies products containing wood from responsibly managed forests, in accordance with stringent environmental, social, and economic standards.

To strictly use material bearing this label means having the certainty that all the paper employed to create our products derives from an environmentally adequate, socially useful and economically sustainable management of the world’s forests.

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