Eco-friendly, since 1939

Eco-friendly, since 1939

Eco-friendly, since 1939 900 600 Ecopack

For us, sustainability is not a trend but a pillar of our company since its inception.


Ecopack: high-quality manufacture, since 1939

Ecopack supplies moulds that are designed and built for the worldwide food industry in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, the United States and South America.

The story of our brand began in 1939 in Turin: initially specialised in the production of cake moulds and packaging, our business activity later expanded to the savoury sector.
Our company boasts collaborations with the major international confectionery manufacturers, which for over thirty years have entrusted Ecopack with the production of paper moulds, baking cups suitable for automated industrial production and moulds for festive cakes, including some special ones for the Colomba (Easter dove) cake.

Throughout the years, our range of products has grown a lot and now includes more than 800 items with different formats, finishes and colours. We also offer the possibility of customising the products according to the customer’s needs, for example, by printing the company logo.

However, the feature that makes Ecopack truly stand out from the competition is our strong focus on the quality of our products and the innovation of the materials, always keeping in mind the green aspect.

Sustainability and performance: innovation at Ecopack

At Ecopack, research never stops. Long-term research projects are always underway to maintain high-quality standards and attain the highest innovation levels in the food packaging sector.

The ecological commitment that has always distinguished our company has led to important collaborations with research institutes, valuable partners in the creation of our products with innovative techniques and materials that are also environmentally friendly.
The sustainability of our products goes hand in hand with high-end technical characteristics, for optimised production processes and very high performance of the products, even at high temperatures.

Ecopack research is founded on two pillars:
The development of new technologies that allow the creation of lighter products, thus requiring fewer resources.
The selection of innovative and performing raw materials, which comply with strict technical and ecological standards.

Ecopack products

The results of our continuous research and commitment are the numerous product lines available, one for each need:
– Classic Panettone moulds, self-supporting, suitable for baking without requiring other supports;
Special moulds for the Colomba (Easter Dove) cake;
Cocoa Paper moulds, made with cocoa beans and totally bio-based;
Pie moulds, for cakes and other sweet recipes;
– Disposable paper and bamboo packaging for savoury foods.

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