Delivery Line: your food, everywhere

Delivery Line: your food, everywhere

Delivery Line: your food, everywhere 900 600 Ecopack

At this very particular moment in time, take away food and home delivery services are extremely popular, for obvious reasons. Here is the completely eco-friendly delivery range designed by Ecopack.


The current situation is leading people increasingly to choose alternative consumption styles.
If you don’t want to have to do without the delicious food served at your favourite restaurant but can’t go out to eat due to the restrictions imposed, the only thing to do is take advantage of their take away or home delivery services.
To ensure the finest possible experience, serving dishes that are as fresh as if they had just come out of the kitchen, it is necessary to package the food in containers that preserve all their aroma and flavour.

High quality containers for high quality food

The Ecopack Delivery range has been created to fulfill the increasing demands of restaurants, cake shops and bakeries, who need to supply their products to their clients practically and safely, to ensure enjoyment at home, as if they had just come out of the kitchen, offering a superb consumption experience.
A range of take away trays and containers that can enhance the flavour of every dish, even the most refined.

All the trays are disposable and stackable and can also be used to heat food in traditional or microwave ovens.

The range is completed by RPET plastic lids made from recycled plastic and compatible with the trays, ideal for keeping food fresh and fragrant while transporting it comfortably to your home.

Disposable: what about the environment?

Since 1939, the year in which Ecopack started making moulds for industrial cake baking, the company’s commitment has focused particularly on the search for high-performance, eco-friendly materials that respect the environment without affecting the quality and safety of a product designed to come into close contact with food.

The Delivery range of disposable products for take-away food offers just that.
They are made with completely recyclable and certified greaseproof paper for contact with food.
The lids are made of non-toxic RPET, making them ideal for the storage of food.

All the products in the Ecopack Delivery range

The Delivery range, dedicated to those who want to take all the goodness of their food to the homes of their clients, is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, to suit all needs.
From single portion trays to larger sizes, capable of containing more than one portion, through to the bamboo salad bowls, to enjoy fresh salads comfortably at home, with Ecopack you can let your imagination run wild and offer a real restaurant experience even when the restaurant itself is off limits!