compostable panettone mold

The Ecopack compostable panettone mold is here!

The Ecopack compostable panettone mold is here! 900 600 Ecopack

The Nature paper version of our panettone alto and basso and Easter Colomba molds is now 100% compostable.

Special news from the Ecopack world!

Our research for eco-friendly solutions never stops, and the latest news is that we turned the NATURE line into a completely natural and compostable product.


The compostable mold

Ecopack’s commitment to the environment is well-known. In fact, we perform a myriad of actions every day to show how much we care for a greener world.

We are proud to present our latest achievement: the NATURE paper version mold for panettone alto and basso and colomba is now fully organic and compostable. A new step towards manufacturing molds that are not only of extremely high quality, but even have a small carbon footprint.


The TÜV label

And that’s not all: our NATURE panettone molds made of natural paper will bear the TÜV Austria label; yet another quality guarantee. Indeed, the tall and short panettone molds of the NATURE line are among our products worthy of the prestigious certification to use the “OK Compost – INDUSTRIAL” label.

TÜV Austria is one of the most distinguished certification bodies in the sector. It performs audits, testing, and training of corporate managers wishing to comply with the certification rules and standards.

Being awarded a certification by this institution is a crucial step for Ecopack, which has always worked hard towards offering high product quality.


Check out the first-ever compostable Ecopack products: the NATURE paper panettone molds.

plastic on the beach

Sustainability is the answer: starting in 2021, single-use plastic is banned in the EU!

Sustainability is the answer: starting in 2021, single-use plastic is banned in the EU! 900 600 Ecopack

We have always looked for alternatives to plastic with our packaging and eco-friendly molds


Ever since its birth, Ecopack creates its products in the name of love for the environment.

We design and manufacture our own machines, because they allow us to produce technically state-of-the-art molds, though using raw material other than plastic.


Paper packaging

Sustainability is one of our core values, combined with customer orientation and social responsibility.

This is why our goal is to create molds and packaging with a growingly smaller carbon footprint along the entire supply chain, and that may also be used to replace much more polluting materials such as aluminum and plastic.


Our molds are made of biodegradable paper with a lower impact on the planet upon disposal, but we also make it so that the molding process is quicker, thus more energy-efficient.

In the same scope, our products are partially made of recycled paper, and the molds will soon be fully compostable.


The alternative to single-use plastic

Plastic dumped in the ocean is a real-life issue acknowledged by the European Union, which has decided to ban single-use plastic products starting in 2021.

We had a strong passion for this topic well before the collective conscience opened its eyes on the issue of pollution caused by the massive amount of plastic products discarded in the environment.


Plastic has considerable technical properties: it retains liquids and grease; it may be heat-sealed; and it has a high mechanical resistance.


This is why – ever since we started making molds for the food sector – we have constantly worked to develop products with the same advantages as plastic, but not the same negative impact on the environment.


Our products already boast excellent features: they are oven and freezer-safe, they are free-standing – thus may be used without a baking tray – and are heat-sealable.

Yet, we aim to develop our products more and more, which is why we cooperate with research centers to find innovative systems and materials to optimize manufacturing processes and make our customers happy.


Social responsibility is a foundation of our business philosophy, and in 2021 we have drafted our first-ever CSR Policy, which will soon be online on our website.


Discover all our sustainable product range.

pie molds

Why choose the Ecopack pie molds?

Why choose the Ecopack pie molds? 900 600 Ecopack

It’s time to give your products a makeover! How about a sustainable and customizable mold?


Sometimes we do judge a book by its cover… especially when it comes to food!

End users love products with a unique look, just like the one the Ecopack molds can give them.

Secondly, but no less important, there is the eco-friendliness and sustainability of our molds.


Choose your pie or cake mold

It is not just the look that’s natural, the food preparation is too!

In fact, our pie molds are non-stick, thus do not need to be greased.


The Ecopack molds manufactured at our Italian plants are made of FSC-certified paper, with the compostable version coming soon!

A true path of love for nature.


With 30 mold sizes – round, square-shaped, and rectangular – you’ll have the embarrassment of riches!

You may even request a perforated base.


Customize your pie and cake molds

Can’t find the shape and size you need among our wide range?

No problem!

We can create your customized mold from the prototype to the production phase.


Moreover, you may choose among as many as 4 colors to make your customized mold truly stand out among thousands!


Technical features of the molds

Ecopack pie molds are compatible with any kind of oven, even microwave ovens, at temperatures up to 220°C (428°F).

They are also freezer-safe, at temperatures as low as -18°C (-0.4°F).


All our molds are fluorine-free and compatible with our transparent lids designed to maintain product freshness.


Our constant research to find innovative materials allows us to create solutions with a growingly lower carbon footprint, while maintaining the technical features of our high-quality products unaltered.



Discover the Ecopack product range.


Colomba and other special shapes for delicious cakes!

Colomba and other special shapes for delicious cakes! 900 600 Ecopack

It is not only the Panettone that brings families together and brings a smile to the table: the Easter Colomba is an excellent example of cake adored by the whole family, standing out for its special shape.


It is not only the classic round, square, or plum cake shapes that make the table shine: the oddest shapes may do the same, and not only on holidays!


Easter Colomba baking mold

Like every year, Easter is approaching, and there will be a star actor on the tables of all Italians: the Colomba.


The cake has an unusual shape, not exactly regular or geometric, but this is what makes it unique!

With Ecopack, you may choose between four formats of free-standing baking molds, depending on your production requirements.


Stand out at first sight

You already know your cakes are special.

Then why not let the world know by giving them a unique shape?

Ecopack offers a myriad of customization opportunities: you may print your company logo on the molds, and choose the solution that most suits to you among the different sizes available. Give a shape to your creativity!


Thinking outside the box has never been so easy: choose the shape you prefer for your cake, along with the size of your logo to decorate the paper baking mold, and create your singular treat.


Special shapes, same quality

Even our special shape molds, just like all the others in the Ecopack range, are produced with high-precision automatic machines.

This processing technique allows us to achieve minimum size tolerance and use the baking molds with automatic denesting machines.


The vertical band is made of greaseproof, non-stick, food-contact corrugated paper, while the base is made of non-stick, food-contact, microperforated corrugated paper.

The printing ink we use is resistant to high temperatures and to the preservatives used in food.


Moreover, the special molds are free-standing: this means that the cakes may be baked inside them without the use of a metal baking tray.


Like always, our products are designed to be fully eco-friendly and are made of recyclable materials.

New Retail Solutions line

New Retail Solutions line 900 600 Ecopack

A line entirely dedicated to packaging solutions for the retail sector


For your most prestigious customers, Ecopack offers the possibility to create small, fully customized, ad hoc packaging, which may be ordered in the quantity desired. It will be branded with the client’s logo.


Cardboard label on top

We produce paperboard labels to be positioned on top of the products, inside the externally heat-shrunk pack.

The cardboard is certified for indirect food contact, and is also available in FSC® certified paper. It may be customized with your customer’s logo or graphic design, even in color.


Printed cardboard band

The cardboard band is ideal for a myriad of different sizes and kinds of baking molds: from round molds – such as those for cakes and pies – to rectangular molds – such as those for plum cakes.

It may be customized with the client’s logo and color graphics, and is also available in FSC® cardboard.

The bands are also made of paperboard certified for indirect food contact.



Heat-shrinking is suitable for molds of different formats, and may be completed with a black-and-white external adhesive label.

An internal non-adhesive label may also be included. It is available even in FSC®-certified paperboard, and may be customized with a logo or graphic design, in this case even in color.



For the smallest molds, we may produce a polybag with a Euro-hole cardboard hang-tab.

The hang-tab may be color-printed either on the visible face or on both sides. It is also available in FSC®-certified cardboard.

Even the hang-tab is made of paperboard certified for indirect food contact.



Alternatively, customers may choose the flowpack with Euro-hole option.

It is available in both the color-printed version and in the unprinted version with a black-and-white printed external adhesive label.


Heat-sealable plastic bag

Our heat-sealable plastic bags have a Euro-hole to be displayed in stores, and may be ordered in the color-printed version or in the non-printed version with a black-and-white printed external adhesive label.


Cardboard box

Finally, we may create a cardboard box with Euro-hole.

It is customizable with the client’s logo and color graphics, and is also available with a PP window to show the product inside.

The cardboard may be white or avana, even FSC®-certified and as always certified for indirect food contact.


Contact us for further information concerning our customized solutions for the retail sector.

ecopack and fsc together since 2021

Ecopack shifts to FSC

Ecopack shifts to FSC 900 600 Ecopack

A pivotal step for the company: the use of fully certified paper


Ecopack’s love for the environment goes back a long way: ever since the establishment of our company, we have committed to the minimum environmental impact of our products and the use of recyclable materials.

Like always, we love to show our commitment through tangible actions.

Our action today is thus an additional great step: from now on, we will only use FSC-certified paper, initially at our Italian factory, then at our production facilities abroad.


Ecopack and sustainability since 1939

One of Ecopack’s principles is the constant research to maintain a high quality standard of products, using eco-friendly materials with a small carbon footprint to create unique molds for food products.

This is why we cooperate with research centers on a regular basis to always develop new, innovative and eco-friendly products, with a nevertheless guaranteed resistance to high and low temperatures.

A number of Ecopack product lines designed in the scope of sustainability and the abolishment of single-use plastic already exist: Cocoa Paper, created using cocoa processing waste; Paper Pan, our tray made of recyclable cellulose; and our paper baking molds.


The breakthrough: our shift to FSC paper

It is a very important moment for our company: we wish to prove once again that our commitment towards protecting the world is real. This is why we have chosen to use strictly FSC-certified paper for the products made at our Italian firm, and soon extend this to our production facilities worldwide.

FSC® is an international organization for the promotion of responsible forest and plantation management born in 1993, while in Italy it has been operating since 2001.


The FSC® label identifies products containing wood from responsibly managed forests, in accordance with stringent environmental, social, and economic standards.

To strictly use material bearing this label means having the certainty that all the paper employed to create our products derives from an environmentally adequate, socially useful and economically sustainable management of the world’s forests.

Why our clients choose Ecopack every day

Why our clients choose Ecopack every day 900 600 Ecopack

There is more than one reason why many companies choose us for their product packaging!


Ecopack means eco-friendly and high-quality packaging: our incredibly loyal customers, which have relied on us for years to dress their products, know this well.

But what are the reasons to choose us?

Here are a few.


At Ecopack, our goal is to always give our clients the best.

When we talk about quality, we do not only mean the extremely important standards that we comply with to always provide top-notch products, but we also refer to the quality of customer service and relations: a quintessential element for an optimum buying experience.


There cannot be quality without reliability: whoever comes to us knows to have acquired a trusted partner, which will never give you unpleasant surprises.

Our priority is to keep our promises.


This is why we always tell our clients yes, we care”, and are always at your side, even virtually, by means of our chat service.


A company that has been in the business for over 80 years and has proven, over time, to be stable and serious, can be nothing but worthy of your trust.

We are solid people: a real partner to which you may entrust your corporate packaging.


We are what we look like, since 1939: we do not care to attract you with magic tricks and illusions, simply because we know that truth and correct information are always the winning hand, even in customer relations.

You may always place confidence in what we tell you.

Problem solving

We always take your matters to heart, as if they were our own. We put all our effort to solve any issue, one step at a time, and always wearing a smile.


We believe dynamism is the basis of problem solving. We are willing to meet you halfway with all our resources: discovery, creation, experimentation, and – when possible – face-to-face discussion.


One of our company’s cornerstones is the attention to sustainability, and bringing to the table all our creativity to find top-quality packaging solutions with a low carbon footprint.

We work towards a greener environment since the very birth of Ecopack, thus long before it was in fashion!


Moreover, we are able to find solutions designed specifically for you, and manufacture tailor-made prototypes to fit your demands.


Contact us to find out more.


Paper Pan saves the environment, and your wallet!

Paper Pan saves the environment, and your wallet! 700 730 Ecopack

With the new Ecopack initiative, your love for the planet is rewarded

Protecting the planet we live in is a reward in itself, but Ecopack has chosen to give another incentive to all those who, like us, love the Earth: starting today, and through February 15, there will be a 5% discount on all Paper Pan orders.


Paper Pan: the tray that loves the environment

A myriad of plastic trays are used for food every day.

This means a great consumption of raw material, and a problematic recycling process, multiplied by the incredibly high number of trays populating tables and supermarkets all around the world.

Moreover, it is hard to remove food residue from plastic, which needs to be completely clean for recycling purposes.

This is how the Paper Pan line was born: its resistance to grease and liquids is excellent – comparable to that of common plastic trays – and its mechanical stiffness has nothing to envy of its less eco-friendly cousins.

Another unique feature of this line is its heat-sealability: despite being made mainly of paper, it may be subject to heat-sealing.

It can be used to package food exposed at delis and supermarkets, but even for take-away purposes, with its ability to maintain goodness and taste of food.

It may be closed with an RPET lid or with a multilayer HDPE-PET film.

Paper Pan uses 30% less cellulose compared to paperboard trays, but it maintains its mechanical resistance: its technical quality thus remains unaltered, but its environmental impact is reduced to a bare minimum.

Paper Pan may be recycled as paper in accordance with UNI 11743:2019 and UNI EN 13430 standards, and has achieved an Aticelca® (Italian organization of paper technology professionals) 501:2019 assessment system level B score, which means 80% of the paper content of each Paper Pan may be reused.


Ecopack and environment: a love lasting since 1939

Ever since the dawn of our company, not only do we provide technically exceptional packaging solutions to our customers, but we use our human resources for the constant research of advanced technology that may allow us to achieve top results through eco-friendly materials.

Environmental sustainability is, in fact, our true vocation. Our company offers a wide range of products made using recyclable materials with an extremely low carbon footprint.

Come acquaint yourself with our sustainable packaging solutions.

Eco-friendly, since 1939

Eco-friendly, since 1939 900 600 Ecopack

For us, sustainability is not a trend but a pillar of our company since its inception.


Ecopack: high-quality manufacture, since 1939

Ecopack supplies moulds that are designed and built for the worldwide food industry in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, the United States and South America.

The story of our brand began in 1939 in Turin: initially specialised in the production of cake moulds and packaging, our business activity later expanded to the savoury sector.
Our company boasts collaborations with the major international confectionery manufacturers, which for over thirty years have entrusted Ecopack with the production of paper moulds, baking cups suitable for automated industrial production and moulds for festive cakes, including some special ones for the Colomba (Easter dove) cake.

Throughout the years, our range of products has grown a lot and now includes more than 800 items with different formats, finishes and colours. We also offer the possibility of customising the products according to the customer’s needs, for example, by printing the company logo.

However, the feature that makes Ecopack truly stand out from the competition is our strong focus on the quality of our products and the innovation of the materials, always keeping in mind the green aspect.

Sustainability and performance: innovation at Ecopack

At Ecopack, research never stops. Long-term research projects are always underway to maintain high-quality standards and attain the highest innovation levels in the food packaging sector.

The ecological commitment that has always distinguished our company has led to important collaborations with research institutes, valuable partners in the creation of our products with innovative techniques and materials that are also environmentally friendly.
The sustainability of our products goes hand in hand with high-end technical characteristics, for optimised production processes and very high performance of the products, even at high temperatures.

Ecopack research is founded on two pillars:
The development of new technologies that allow the creation of lighter products, thus requiring fewer resources.
The selection of innovative and performing raw materials, which comply with strict technical and ecological standards.

Ecopack products

The results of our continuous research and commitment are the numerous product lines available, one for each need:
– Classic Panettone moulds, self-supporting, suitable for baking without requiring other supports;
Special moulds for the Colomba (Easter Dove) cake;
Cocoa Paper moulds, made with cocoa beans and totally bio-based;
Pie moulds, for cakes and other sweet recipes;
– Disposable paper and bamboo packaging for savoury foods.

Discover all Ecopack products.

PIE: the line dedicated to cakes

PIE: the line dedicated to cakes 900 600 Ecopack

All our PIE mould formats to make your confectionery recipes unique.


When you feel creative in the kitchen, we’ve got you covered! Ecopack has created the PIE line, a product range entirely dedicated to cakes, which includes 19 different mould formats. From 40 to 270 cm in diameter, our range can give shape to all your confectionery recipes.

The product line includes two different sub-categories: light paper and PET cardboard. The colours available are white, for smaller baking cups, gold, brown and the typical black colour for the PET cardboard line. Thanks to the variety of diameters and depths of our moulds, it will be easy to keep the characteristics of your confectionery product unchanged.

Besides the wide array of choices available, our unique product range is also equipped with an oleophobic coating. Our food paper is grease-proof and non-stick, while specific micro-perforation is available on request.

Ecopack’s PIE mould range is made using high-precision automatic lines which significantly reduce variance, making the moulds suitable for use with automatic unstacking machines.

The PIE product line, like all Ecopack lines, can be customised with your company’s logo and text. Our food-grade ink is super resistant to high temperatures which ensures that the graphic design on the moulds will be preserved in any circumstance.

The moulds of the PIE line can be used in the oven and are certified to resist up to 220 °C (430 °F); they can also be frozen. They are made with recyclable paper and are self-supporting, so they do not require a metal baking pan. Now we can only wish you good work!

Discover our PIE line in the dedicated section of our website.
Discover also the Cocoa Paper line, made entirely with bio-based materials.