Better for cooking, better for the planet

Better for cooking, better for the planet

Better for cooking, better for the planet 900 600 Ecopack

The new Ecopack campaign aims to raise awareness in favor of water saving among its users


Asteróide Filmes and Flavor agency have signed the new corporate campaign shot in Brazil aimed at digital media for the Ecopack Group. The title will be “Better for cooking, better for the planet” and, fully grasping the environment-loving spirit that characterizes the company, aims to raise awareness of water consumption.


Ecopack and love for environment

In fact, all products manufactured and sold by Ecopack have sustainability as their main rule. The molds made by our company, in fact, are not only ecological and biodegradable, but they don’t need to be washed and can be used, as well as for cooking, as final packaging.


The video

The plot of the video has as its central topic life during the pandemic that has hit us in the last year.

The protagonist is a 30-year-old woman who, on this occasion, discovers the pleasure of cooking: a hobby that not only is a way to entertain herself during the long stay at home, but also gives her the opportunity to keep in touch with her loved ones and demonstrate love to them.


The choice made in developing Ecopack products is no coincidence, which in addition to their ecological qualities are practical and eliminate additional processes, such as greasing with butter and oil to facilitate the detachment of food. Perfect for time saving and healthy cooking!


The floor to Ecopack’s Marketing Director

Ecopack’s marketing director talks about this promotional video: “Our narration describes real life, as this is the current situation of millions of people around the world. Moreover, the attention to sustainability and the development of value-added products is a real current trend”.


The campaign has already kicked off in Brazil on the Youtube and Linkedin platforms, and will debut on all digital platforms in the second half of March.

The music was proposed by Machiavelli Music.

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