Tulip tray

Tulip tray

Available sizes (mm)

Item Description Unfolded size Trays
per box
per pallet
per pallet
T7151110 tulip tray 12 pcs+20 pcs 395x295x35h 70 30 2100

Other sizes upon request


New Ecopack tulip tray is usable on both sides: 12 holes diameter 70 mm suitable for medium/large tulip cups on one side, 20 holes diameter 48 mm for small tulip cups on the other one. Just one tray for lots of muffins, cool and easy to assemble!

Ecopack tulip cases are manufactured on high-precision automated production lines, which provide a minimum size tolerance, making the moulds suitable for use on automated destackers.

These baking moulds are made from non-stick, greaseproof paper, approved for direct food contact.

Ecopack tulips are made using pulp-coloured paper, which does not release colour during cooking. Tulip moulds require metal trays for baking (cardboard trays available upon request).

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