Square and rectangular pies

Moulds for square and rectangular pies

Available sizes (mm)

Item Size Inner top Outer top Pieces per box Boxes per pallet Pieces per pallet
806816 68x68x16h 73×73 89×89 2610 28 73080
8016218 163x163x18h 170×170 184×184 540 28 15120
8027222 272x82x22,5h 282×92 295×105 1200 9 10800


Ecopack moulds for square and rectangular pies are manufactured on high-precision automated production lines, which provide a minimum size tolerance, making the moulds suitable for use on automated destackers.

These baking moulds are made from non-stick, greaseproof paper, approved for direct food contact. Micro-perforated paper is available upon request.

The printing inks used can withstand high temperatures and spraying with preservatives. Moulds for pies are self-supporting and do not require metal trays for baking.

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